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I’ve always kept a planner to help me keep track of things. I’ve also frequently had multiple types of notebooks to help me keep track of my different writing ideas as well as my to-do’s. With my responsibilities increasing I needed a way to keep track of all of my responsibilities in one place. So far Bullet journaling has really helped me get  a hold over our finances. This month I just focused on getting the finances together, next month I plan to include appointments, meal planning, chores, and habits into my journal.

Here is how I plan to organize August in my Bullet journal. organizer-791939_1920

Monthly Calendar

Monthly Income Tracker

Monthly Bills Breakdown

August Debt Crush (Each month I have certain debts I want to get rid of)

Weekly Budget Breakdown

Chore Chart Monthly

Chore Chart Weekly

Chore Chart Daily

To Do List: Immediate, Later, Eventually

Weekly Meal Plan

The Last Time I (tracker) Changed the sheets, bought xyz, Cleaned xyz, etc.

Dr’s Appointments Myself, Daniel, Wesley

Future Purchases

Water Consumption

Blog Post Tracker (frequency of Posts)

Creating this bullet journal has really helped me in laying out my thoughts over the past week. I too often have a million things running through my head, and often feel that there is not enough time in the day. As I get more into bullet journaling you can expect a few how to hobby posts about it. It seems to be a popular idea at the moment, but it is an organizational tool that I am finding to be extraordinarily helpful. It is a one stop shop for all of my needs. Unlike in the past where I would write about my day in my diary, keep track of my future to-do’s in my planner, and make a list of my daily to-do’s inside of the nearest notebook I could find, now I am able to keep track of all my ideas in one spot. There is no right or wrong.

I had been wondering just what I was going to do with the beautiful leather bound journal my husband had gifted me a couple months ago, and now I have the answer. Its been incredibly freeing to just get all the ideas down in one place without constantly having to look for the right notebook to write it down in. Amazingly this organizational tool also has its own community, there are so many people online talking, sharing, and experimenting online with this concept. The inspiration for others on exactly how to do a bullet journal is ultimately refreshing.

So tell me have you experimented with bullet journaling? How do you like it so far? Please share in the comments below.


Single Tasking Day

Let’s face it we millennial’s have busy lives as of this year every millennial that was born in the 90s are adults. This means the majority of millennial’s now have bills to pay, and adult responsibilities to take care of. Growing up in the age of social networking, smart phones, and high tech laptops it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount that must/needs to get done.

Instead of trying to accomplish everything at once, give individual focus to each thing on your to do list at a time. I’ve discovered recently that by making a list of to do’s  and goals for the day and giving attention to each item individually I am able to accomplish everything on my list, sometimes I even managed to get more done then what I originally planned.

Cleaning used to really frustrate me, because I would think I had to do everything in a room at once. Since breaking down each of the rooms in my house into individual tasks and assigning certain tasks to certain days I find my home ten times cleaner, and staying clean longer. For example my kitchen is broken down into dishes, counter tops, floors, recycling,  trash and fridge. I could write an entire post on the way I’ve broken down each room into much smaller tasks. clean-571679_1280

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In addition, to breaking down my cleaning tasks I have also broken down my work. I assign tasks for each day. I write down everything that needs to be done in the week. I then break down each of those into individual activities. I then take those activities and put them on the different days throughout the week. For example last week looked like this for me:

To do week of Feb. 13-19

Write blog posts for week Feb.20-26

Write Real Estate blog post for March (new client)

Work on e-book 4 hours

Create marketing posts on facebook

February 13-14

Focus on e-book

February 15-17

Focus on blog articles

February 18-19

Focus on facebook posts


Single Tasking Day

Live Streaming Crazeto-do-734587_640

Job Hunting 101

Bouncing Back after illness

Kinnectpay post

Real Estate Post

2 hours with ebook

2hours with ebook

25 fb posts written

25 fb posts written

25 fb posts written

25 fb posts written

Since breaking my work down in this way I am able to accomplish a lot more every week. Sometimes more than I had planned for. By giving each activity its own attention I’m able to accomplish ten times more. Now that I have managed to get my chores and workload under control I’m planning to do something similar with the baby and making it a goal to complete 2-3 activities with him every day so I can make sure he is getting the attention he needs in order to grow.

How has giving your focus to one thing at a time helped you? Will you try to give your attention towards completing one activity at a time today? Let me know in the comments, I always love hearing my readers thoughts.

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Preparing the Grocery List: Mom Style

For one of my first posts back in January I discussed the making of a grocery list for college students. For those interested you can check that out here. Today I bring you a similar post on how to create a Grocery List for your family, after all there are going to be some major differences between the two, on the other hand however there are a lot of similarities as well. First things first when creating any type of grocery list you want to think of cost, what does your budget look like for this week, the next two weeks, and/or the next month. In my household we generally do big grocery shopping twice a month buying enough supplies to last us two weeks, if we can we may do a minor run for perishables in between though we try not to have to do this. To keep yourself in budget for that shopping trip do yourself a favor and write the dollar amount at the top.

For the second step you need to think about your families nutritional needs, what items are important for your family to keep around. What snacks do you tend to go through pretty quickly, what items are you running low on in the home, do you want to buy organic and if so which items are a must for organic shopping? Also will you need to shop multiple stores to get all of the items you are going to need? If you plan to shop multiple stores keep in mind whether you will have cold or hot foods that will need to be refrigerated and plan out the best course of action for the order of shops you will visit make two separate lists one for each store and give each store its own budget.

Making the list:


Write down all of the non-food items you need to purchase in order to get your through the next week or two. This includes items such as toilet paper, paper towels, any cleaning supplies etc. This immediately gets the easy stuff off your mind to keep yourself focused slowly on the grocery portion of your budget.


If you do not pre-plan your weekly dinner menu (I often don’t though I am really hoping to get better about this soon) think about at least three meals your family is likely to enjoy eating in the next week or two. Write down the ingredients for these meals (also if your family has its go to’s this is a good place to start in terms of writing down items you will be needing in the next week or so. If your having a hard time figuring out what to include in terms of meal prep look in the weekly paper and see what items are on sale at your local store, or check out this website here for meal ideas it will give you a list of all the ingredients needed, plus tell you what ingredients from the recipe are on sale at your specific grocery store. (If your short for time, and don’t have the energy to make your own grocery list this website can even make one for you just pick out which meals you want to make for dinner this week.)


After choosing a few dinner meals write down the ingredients needed or if using the pre-created list from readyseteat cross off the items you already have in your pantry, spice cabinet, freezer, and fridge.


Organize the items by grocery section this will decrease the amount of time you spend in the grocery store especially if you record the items in order from top to bottom in the order by which you plan to buy.

This is what your grocery list should look like by the time your done.

Grocery List (2 weeks) Budget: $150


Trash bags

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Dish Soap




Bell Pepper





Pick 3 pieces of fruit that are on sale



See what meat is on sale/weekly HEB Meal Deal






Dry Goods:

Canned beans

Canned Vegetables (pick 3)

Canned Fruit



Tortilla Chips


Frozen Goods:


*Note this is just a sample of what one of my lists may look like on any given month it could change or be different. This is a very basic list. Keep in mind your families favorites. Currently my family is made up of two adults with a little one on the way.

It is most important to remember to write down all ingredients you will need to make any meal you are planning to create. In addition, in order to assure you don’t forget anything when going through the store to put your items in order that you should be picking them up. Keep in mind the layout of your local grocery store to determine the best course of action.

Happy Shopping!!!