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Why you need a virtual assistant?

Do you find you are spending more time working on the back end of your business than the front end? Are you overwhelmed with the amount of emails filling up your inbox? Do you have an unprecedented amount of data entry, presentations, research, or notes you need to have transcribed? A virtual assistant can help to take all of that off your plate and more. A virtual Assistant is meant to make your job easier. They take over the back end work so you can focus more on the money making areas of your business and less on the monotonous back end areas that keep things smooth going.

Why you want a virtual assistant?

You want a virtual assistant so you can have more time, more money, and more focus for the things that really matter. They save you time, by taking over the tedious time consuming work. They make you money by helping to expand your business via automated marketing systems, blog posts, and networking. In addition, by giving you more time to work on the front end of your business you are able to make more money via your own efforts. You are able to give more focus to your business when you know that the back end of your business is taken care of by your trusted assistant.

Why you should hire through Leeann Minton: Virtual Assistance?

It is our mission at Leeann Minton: Virtual Assistance to help small business owners and business professionals to focus on the money side of business and enjoy more time with their families. We do this by taking on the “busy work,” freeing your plate and schedule so you can focus on what matters most to you.

We purposely hire parents, because they know and understand the true meaning behind a deadline, and wanting to make it home in time for dinner. Our team specializes in multi-tasking and project management as they are involved in project management nearly 24 hours a day. Our team members keep 95% of their earnings, meaning you are paying them directly and playing a major part in helping them to improve their lives, just as they are helping you to grow your business and improve yours.

We love learning here at Leeann Minton: Virtual Assistance and as a result will take on clients from all niche categories, whether you own a restaurant, are a Real Estate broker, or sell ad space we want to know everything that makes your business tick and grow.

We hire the best of the best, those who love what they do, and are looking for any excuse to do more of it. True to Austin’s keep it weird mentality we have people here who literally love to type up data, write up reports, create power points, and all those other silly items that make the everyday business person snore.

We do our best to price competitively and fairly as our assistants are individual business owners in their own right, we encourage relationship building between clients and assistants so that you may maintain a long standing business partnership with one another.

We take our customers business very seriously, and should you find you and your assistant do not quiet mesh we will pair you with someone new, or at least supply other links and resources for similar companies that might prove to be a better fit.

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