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Surviving Life with a Baby Part 5: Chore Chart

Since my little one was born I have been sending out these helpful Surviving Life with a Baby articles. I have part five for you this month for those who missed Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 please check them out at the links below. There is no real reason why you should have to read them in order though. organizer-791939_1920

Part 1>> The daily Schedule

Part 2>> The weekly Schedule

Part 3>> The monthly Schedule

Part 4>> The Yearly Schedule

We have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly chores that lets face it, it is important we do if we want to maintain a neat and tidy house.


It is important that at least once or twice a year we de-clutter our homes from top to bottom, if you maintain a schedule where once a year (or twice) you have a set week or month that you dedicate to de-cluttering your home you might just find that your house or apartment is a happier environment.

When I am in the throws of Spring, Cleaning I like to break it up into different projects. My list typically breaks down into different rooms.





Flat Surfaces

Dining/Living Area

For other cool tips on Spring Cleaning Check out this post from 2015.

Spring Cleaning: Tips and Tricks to a Fresh Start of the Year


There are things we should really do to keep our house in order every month, and I am not just talking about paying bills. Here are a few things I find it important to do every month to keep the house clean.

We don’t have a washer and dryer in the house so we have to take our laundry outside the home to wash it. So once a month I gather everything up to wash.

To Do List:


Clean bathroom mirrors

Clear out the fridge


Twice a week I take out the trash including the diaper pale, recycling, and kitchen. I bring out trash on Sunday, and Thursday.

To Do List:



Meal Plan

water plants


Grocery Shopping


My daily chores seems like a long list, but I can generally get each item done in about 10 or fifteen minutes. Dishes however are a different story. It takes me thirty minutes to do dishes. So I do my best to get the dishes done first thing every morning.

To Do List:


sweep floors

wipe counters

pick up baby toy mess

wipe down the high chair

pick an item from the weekly/monthly/yearly list

I like breaking my to do list down into pieces. In addition, to my daily chore list I also like to give myself two or three daily goals outside of chores to achieve. I really hope this helps you get a handle on all your household chores. If you have older children assign daily tasks, have each day represent a different activity. My little one is barely 18 months old and I already have him helping with toy clean up. I sing the clean up song and put his toys away. He attempts to sing along and will pick up a couple of toys to throw into the container with me. Kids are never too young to learn how to help. Teach them now and you will have less argument later. Form habits. Turn your chores into habits so they are less like chores.


For more ideas on breaking down your chores into single tasks check out my article Single Tasking Day.

Have any advice or suggestions? Let me know in the comments. I am always looking for fun organizing chore tips.

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My 100th Post

I can’t believe I’ve written 100 posts. It’s been an amazing ride with lots of changes, both to the blog and within my life. I look forward to writing more in the upcoming days, weeks, and months as well as next year. I’ve been amazingly inspired recently since returning home. My husband is making the same on his own as we both did working together. Now everything I make is just money for the savings account. This is important considering we need to find a way to replace our vehicle.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite articles.

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Items you can Never Have Enough

Online vs. Brick and Mortar School

My Birth Story

The Unobtainable Goal

Let me know what you think about my page, the content, and let me know what you would like to see more of. I’m looking forward to writing another 100, 200, and 500 posts.

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New Year New Me Week 5

The month of February is off to a good start. It looks as if I will definitely be reaching my February goal. I created a schedule for my blog that includes me paying more attention to the different sections. On the second Thursday of the month I will be focusing on the college section of my blog. Stay tuned for articles related to picking the right college, choosing a major, and  surviving college. On the last Wednesday of the month I plan to turn my focus onto Career with articles about landing a job, choosing a career, and surviving work place drama. Also I will be covering a lot of money dos, and do-not’s in the career section as well.

As for my writing business, back in January I landed a position as Senior Communications Liaison for The site will be launching on February 29th of this month. I wrote my first blog post for the site already during the last week of January. This week, I wrote my first Press Release ever. Big things are happening and I look forward to watching how this big adventure turns out.

As for my workout goals, I still have yet to manage a work-out schedule, but my husband tends to have a weekday afternoon off once a week. I’m thinking next week I will utilize that time to have him watch the baby while I go to our apartment gym for a yoga class. My apartment hosts free yoga classes every weeknight at 7pm. I think I might just have my husband start watching the kid for an hour while I go and get a work out in once a week. I’ll let you know if it happens next week.

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Aiming towards my 25th Year

I have always been a person of self reflection. Yesterday was my 24th birthday and since my 23rd so much has changed I am a mother. I have started my own writing business and tomorrow I begin working part time for a 3rd party company who is contracted with Google. I allowed too much of myself to get lost this last year as I dealt with the changes of existing in the real world outside of college. Looking forward I am going to be more proactive in my health and in my career that I have created for myself. I deserve to be happy with where I am and I know what I need to do in order to be happy.


My goals as I start working towards my 25th year.


[  ]Drink more water

[  ]Start dancing again

[  ]Visit the gym minimum once a week

[  ]Shower daily or at least every other day  (having a baby makes this hard)

[  ]Keep up my blog

[  ]Grow my writing business

[  ]Get on a schedule

[  ]Keep up with my chores around the house

I need to have balance in my life. I am a great mulitasker, but I am always slow starting out when knew stuff is added. A few months ago a baby was brought into my life. I have since adjusted to his needs. I now need to balance and include the rest of my responsibilities. Including taking care of myself, helping with finances, and following my writing dreams. Recently I have been so focused on taking care of the baby and my husband that I have been completely ignoring myself. To be happy I need more financial stability as well as a healthy body and clean house. I have done very little to make myself happy since the baby was born and my husband looked at me the other day and said he was tired of looking at a shell. He told me I needed to start taking care of myself more because he wanted his wife back. It has taken me a few days to realize what he really meant. He as always woke me up and showed me the mirror of who I am. Currently I am an empty pitcher, but next year I will be full, because I will dedicate myself towards having a better future and a better year next year. My dreams didn’t end with my son’s birth they just got clearer and more possible because I now have a bigger reason to accomplish them. My son needs to know that he can accomplish his dreams. For him to know that I need to accomplish mine.