Streamline your Business this Summer

It may seem to many like Spring just started, but here in Texas we are already basking in the glow of what feels more like Summer Sun. Summer is quickly coming, soon the kids will be out of school and running around the house, the quiet home office you enjoy won’t be so quiet for the next few months. Fortunately, for some the summer tends to be a bit of a slow season work wise.

However, just because work is slow doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing now for when work gets busy again. Summer is an ideal time to start putting into place some great systems and processes to help make work easier and your business run more smoothly.


In this technological age their are so many ways to automate our lives and businesses. When taking the steps to automate your business it is important to first consider what you can automate, and then narrow it down further to what you should automate.

Here’s a great list of just some of the things you can put on auto-pilot in your business:

⦁ Automated email responses

⦁ Social media scheduling

⦁ Publishing posts to WordPress.

⦁ Invoicing

⦁ Image resizing and optimization

⦁ Analytics reports

⦁ Translation

Ideally, you should not automate tasks that need the input of people. On the other hand, you should automate those repetitive and time-consuming tasks that a computer can carry out error free. I.E email automation, invoicing, and social media scheduling.

Schedule your Social Media Posts:

Are you currently creating and individually posting each social media update you do? Why not automate the system. Post Planner is a cheap and inexpensive way to automate your social media marketing. Pre-write and create all of your social media posts for the week, month, or year. Schedule for certain items to repost every x number of days, weeks, or months. Save yourself the time an energy of taking the time to post x times each day and automate it.

*Use my affiliate link and we both get a month of post planner free. I may also receive a small commission for you using the referral link, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra for doing so.

Join post planner today!

Create an automated Email System:

Have a lot of emails to keep track and respond to? What about automating your email. Their are so many easy to use CRM’s out there, and they don’t all cost an arm and a leg. Set it up so you can automatically load a template for what needs to be sent, or so that new subscribers get an automatic email response. I’m currently utilizing Hubspot as my free CRM. I don’t currently have a big email list, but their system allows me to grow my list to a million subscribers! (Even while still using the free version.) I love how it helps me keep track of my tasks and set up templates so I’m not having to copy and paste between emails.

I’m not apart of an affiliate program for hubspot, but here is the link for their home page for those interested in using them as their CRM.

Invoicing System:

Many people create their own invoices using, google sheets, or word. While this isn’t a big deal for a free lancer or someone who runs a predominately cash business without a lot of revolving clients, it can be time consuming for those working in the virtual world, with clients who want proof of the work done or time it took to complete the work. Their are a number of invoicing systems on the market that can allow you to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. In addition, there are even some systems that will record the amount of time spent on each task and create a time card or for those who want to see the actual activity you can even set it up so that your screen is being recorded while you are working. A good invoicing system can be very important not just for showing your clients how much time was spent on xyz, but also showing yourself how much time was spent to complete xyz item. Time is a valuable asset in the world of business, and knowing just how long it takes you to complete a task can really tell you if or when you need to raise your rates or increase your speed/skill.

At this moment I’m using the paypal business invoicing system. What I really love about it, is that I can create multiple items and save them into the system so that I just click and input the number of hours spent, type in or click on my clients saved information and away it goes. They can easily click through to pay me via credit, debit, or paypal. My money hits the account immediately when they pay and I have the option to transfer it to any of my accounts that I need it for, or I can use the funds to purchase other things I need online.

For those looking to avoid paypal here is a list of other popular invoicing systems:










While there are many ways you can automate your business systems, automating your email, social media, and invoicing will ultimately save you the most time and headache.With the summer typically being a period for relaxing and vacation it is an ideal time to start implementing and setting up the perfect systems for your business.

Are you struggling to automate your business? Do you have more suggestions for how to automate a business? Please share in the comments below.


Client Spotlight: Inspiring Christian Coaching

Cheri Schedlebauer is the owner of Inspiring Christian Coaching, I teamed up with her this past January in order to help her update her website and put together her coaching packages. Cheri has a presence that can light just about anyone’s spirit on fire. While our relationship is all business working with her these past couple of months has inspired me to revisit my own religious studies.

Cheri is a Christian life/business coach helping her clients to reconnect with the Lord and Jesus. She helps in setting and achieving goals, giving thanks and gratitude daily, and recognizing the Lords actions in your everyday life.

Inspiring Christian Coaching, Open Coaching Sessions Available. 
"Encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worth of God, who calls you into his Kingdom and glory."- Thesolonians 2:12 NIV

Cheri reached out after seeing me mention my services in a facebook group. I have been working with her to set up her website and develop her webpage content. She is a very hands-on client, I took her from a one page website comprised of a few blog posts to a 9 page website displaying her services, packages, testimonials etc. Moving forward we have plans to set up her social media accounts and advertising/networking systems.

To learn more about Cheri and her services, check out her new and improved webpage.

Many of you may be wondering what a life coach or Christian Coach does, to be honest I wasn’t too sure myself when I got started on this project. Cheri was very open about what she does and how she helps her clients.

Coaching is a series of questions that are always putting the thought process back on the client so they think/talk through and come to realizations on their own.  It’s a lot of asking versus telling.

If you are a Christian looking to bring God further into your life and your business, you may want to check out Cheri’s webpage and packages. Even if you are not currently in the market for a life coach, I would still recommend following her blog. Cheri has a great voice and speaks from a place of love and understanding.

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My 100th Post

I can’t believe I’ve written 100 posts. It’s been an amazing ride with lots of changes, both to the blog and within my life. I look forward to writing more in the upcoming days, weeks, and months as well as next year. I’ve been amazingly inspired recently since returning home. My husband is making the same on his own as we both did working together. Now everything I make is just money for the savings account. This is important considering we need to find a way to replace our vehicle.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite articles.

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My Birth Story

The Unobtainable Goal

Let me know what you think about my page, the content, and let me know what you would like to see more of. I’m looking forward to writing another 100, 200, and 500 posts.

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Aiming towards my 25th Year

I have always been a person of self reflection. Yesterday was my 24th birthday and since my 23rd so much has changed I am a mother. I have started my own writing business and tomorrow I begin working part time for a 3rd party company who is contracted with Google. I allowed too much of myself to get lost this last year as I dealt with the changes of existing in the real world outside of college. Looking forward I am going to be more proactive in my health and in my career that I have created for myself. I deserve to be happy with where I am and I know what I need to do in order to be happy.


My goals as I start working towards my 25th year.


[  ]Drink more water

[  ]Start dancing again

[  ]Visit the gym minimum once a week

[  ]Shower daily or at least every other day  (having a baby makes this hard)

[  ]Keep up my blog

[  ]Grow my writing business

[  ]Get on a schedule

[  ]Keep up with my chores around the house

I need to have balance in my life. I am a great mulitasker, but I am always slow starting out when knew stuff is added. A few months ago a baby was brought into my life. I have since adjusted to his needs. I now need to balance and include the rest of my responsibilities. Including taking care of myself, helping with finances, and following my writing dreams. Recently I have been so focused on taking care of the baby and my husband that I have been completely ignoring myself. To be happy I need more financial stability as well as a healthy body and clean house. I have done very little to make myself happy since the baby was born and my husband looked at me the other day and said he was tired of looking at a shell. He told me I needed to start taking care of myself more because he wanted his wife back. It has taken me a few days to realize what he really meant. He as always woke me up and showed me the mirror of who I am. Currently I am an empty pitcher, but next year I will be full, because I will dedicate myself towards having a better future and a better year next year. My dreams didn’t end with my son’s birth they just got clearer and more possible because I now have a bigger reason to accomplish them. My son needs to know that he can accomplish his dreams. For him to know that I need to accomplish mine.