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How does a realtor establish their online presence?

The digital landscape is constantly going through monumental changes, and in today’s world it is not enough just to have a website and hand it out on a business card like an email address. You need to  market your website, increase web traffic, and make your website relevant enough so that it appears within a quick google search.

Realtors have always been at the forefront of new technology. After all a realtors business is getting their face and business in front of as many people in their local area as possible, so that when they are ready to buy or sell  a house, people choose them.

Establishing your online presence, might seem like a daunting task, honestly its the first task every realtor should outsource. In this article I’m going to share with you my online presence checklist. How to get started, so that you can easily hand the task over once you know what it is you want and are looking for.

Establishing your Online Presence:

  • If you do not have a website, you need one this is the first step to establishing your online presence. Check out this article on why you need a website and not just a social media page.
  • If you already have a website, make sure you are blogging regularly. Not sure what to blog about? I offer a customized blogging calendar, where I outline 24 blog posts for you! It is 100% customized so no one receives the same two outlines (even if you work in the same city. ) Click here for the order form. What People Are Saying About The Customized Blogging Calendar!(1)
  • Once you have a website set up, it is time to pick your ideal social media network. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a social media program, it is all about how well you market yourself on the network you choose. We will discuss this in more detail later.
  • Determine your purpose for using social media, are you trying to get more leads for your real estate business? Do you just want more traffic to your website, so that its more likely to show up on a google search? Maybe it is a combination of these things.
  • Start building an email list, Hubspot has a great free CRM option, that allows you to keep track of all the communications you have had with each of your contacts.
  • Create multiple calls to action. As a realtor you are selling houses, helping people to buy houses, maybe you are even in the business of flipping or renting out houses. As a realtor their are multiple ways for you to build your email list, but a call to action that makes people want to sign up for your list and provides them with something in return is proven to have the best return on investment.
  • Here is a list of some great calls to action you can use to increase leads.
  • Post often, set yourself up as an expert in your field, but also provide content that is helpful. You do not want all of your posts to be about how you can sell someone’s home, or how you can find someone their dream home. You want your posts to be helpful and informative, so that people keep coming back for more, and remember you in the future when they are ready to buy or sell a home.


choosing A

Choosing a Social Media Platform as a Realtor

There are many social media platforms, and they all work in a similar fashion. Below, we’ll explore some of the more popular social media platforms (FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, PINTEREST), and briefly talk about what each of these platforms does best.


Facebook has approximately 1.8 billion users worldwide and is growing. As far as social media platforms go, facebook is ideal for building relationships and brand loyalty. With the ability to build a business page, group, and set up automatic chat response bots, facebook is truly the most interactive and automation friendly platform available. The best part is you can build a following 100 percent for free if you know what you are doing and put in the time to build it. Don’t have the extra time to spend growing your following? Not a problem, through facebook’s business ad program its very easy to grow a profitable following through facebook ads. Facebook is useful for those who are very text and video heavy in their promotion, with no real limit to the number of words and characters an individual can use it is great for providing a lot of detail and information. You also have the ability to share web links, videos, and images.


Instagram is a subsidiary of facebook and is graffic heavy, allowing its users to showcase stories in image form and 1 minute video increments. Instagram is more about branding than relationship building. If you want to showcase yourself as a expert in your field, and develop a solid brand for people to remember you by, Instagram is the platform to do it on. There is also the option of connecting your instagram and facebook accounts in order to share posts simultaneously to both platforms speeding up your scheduling time. As a realtor Instagram is a great place for sharing virtual tours, flip projects, and homes currently available for sale.


Twitter allows its users to share pictures, videos, and weblinks similar to facebook, the difference is it has a character limit of 280 for its posts. Like facebook, twitter is about building relationships. If you really want twitter to work for you, you need to direct your tweets at specific individuals. Make sure you use an image or video on every tweet as you increase the likelihood of your tweet being seen by 5x vs not having a image at all.


Linkedin is a professionals social media platform geared toward building relationships with a business to business mind frame. You could  use linkedin to connect with people who will be moving to the area because of a new job, or leaving your area and needing to sell their current home as they move out of the area. Linkedin allows for similar sharing to facebook and twitter. Your reach improves with how consistent you are with posting as well as with how relevant your content is to your business and business goals. Linkedin like facebook also has groups you can join in for networking and conversation.


Pinterest is an excellent option for building web traffic to your website. Web traffic is very important if you want your website to rank in the upper pages of google, as web traffic helps to mark you as a expert in your field. Items to showcase on Pinterest as a real estate agent would be renovation before and after images, blog posts, and printables. Each pin should directly link to your webpage or a call to action landing page.

When it comes to choosing a social media network, the first thing to consider is what social media program you already use regularly. From there consider your business needs.

Content Creation for Realtors:

There are three forms of content Images, video, and written. While each content type showcases better on different social media networks, it is easy to re-purpose one piece of content into multiple content forms.

Here are some great content topic ideas for realtors:

  • Describe the history of a neighborhood, city or town
  • Review a local restaurant or place of business
  • Describe the home-buying process
  • Describe the home-selling process
  • Explain the benefits and/or drawbacks of a open house
  • Tips for improving curb appeal
  • Tips for improving resale value
  • Suggest day trips within 50 miles of your city
  • Moving tips

View this list of 100 real estate blog topics from zillow for more great ideas.

To establish your online presence as a realtor you need a website, calls to action, an email list, and one to two social media networks. If this sounds overwhelming it can be, but there are plenty of online tutorials and virtual assistants available at a variety of price ranges. Here at L.M.V.A we offer a range of services to help you with all of your online content needs.

Contact Me!(1)



If you found this post helpful, or have any questions please feel free to comment below.


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Networking Events Across the U.S.A

Kinnectpay launched it’s first magazine yesterday. Check out the amazing article I wrote for them.

Networking is a key part of any successful business. And a conference is the perfect opportunity to not only make new friends, but also to learn new skills, gain new insight, and find mentors and backers if you are in the market for those things. After a thorough search of the internet I was able to score a list of 12 amazing conferences taking place between April and June of 2017. These events are taking place all across the United States of America and provide an excellent opportunity to both inform others about what you are doing, and to gain knowledge on how you can do it even better.

Events coming up in April:

LuLac National Women’s Conference

When: March 31st and April 1st

Where: Atlanta, GA

What?: Learn how Latina women have made it big in the world of politics. The conference will also host talks on Latina women in business.

CoSN 2017 Invent the Future

When: April 3-6

Where: Chicago, IL

What?: A leadership conference for educators, and educational technology creators. This conference is aimed at technology within the education system and is an excellent went to see what is being pumped out and to meet with those who choose the technology that is going into schools.

The Human Gathering

When: April 6th to 8th

Where: Los Angeles, CA

What?: An invitation only event, this conference is for those entrepreneurs who wish to give back to the world and humanity as a whole.


When: April 25-27

Where: Phoenix, AZ

What?: An excellent experience for small business owners. This conference aims to educate, connect, and transform small business owners.

Events coming up in May:

Collision Conference

When: May 2nd to 4th

Where: New Orleans, LA

What?: Tech entrepreneurs, this one is for you. Meet with senior members working for sites like Reddit, Ebay, and AppDynamics. Bonus this conference takes place in the middle of New Orleans, Jazz Fest!!!

Grow Conference

When: May 8th to 10th

Where: New Orleans, LA

What?: Learn to grow your business at the Grow Conference. Perfect for those who already have a business, but are struggling to make it grow. Network with other entrepreneurs and learn what really works from people who have already done it.

Texas-EU Business Summit

When: May 9th to 10th

Where: Austin, TX

What?: For entrepreneurs interested in breaking into the European Market. Texas has the largest trade of any state with the European Union. This conference is designed to allow those interested in breaking into the market to network with people from across the pond, and to hear from speakers who have already done it.

TechCrunch Disrupt NYC

When: May 15th to 17th

Where: New York City, NY

What?: Aimed at startup tech business this is the perfect conference, for anyone looking to startup and anyone running a tech business. It is as entertaining as it is educational.

World Social Marketing Conference

When: May 16th and 17th

Where: Washington, D.C

What?: Aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of social marketing this conference brings together entrepreneurs, academics, and policy makers from all over the world. If you are looking to expand your knowledge on social networking and marketing this is the conference for you.

Events coming up in June:

Next Gen Summit

When: First week of June

Where: New York City, NY

What?: Are you intimidated by conferences, because of how much older the other attendees are? Check out the Next Gen Summit, geared specifically toward millennial’s who are wanting to build a business. Learn from others who have already succeeded, meet new people, and gain business partners or mentors.


When/where: June 5-9 in Detroit Michigan and June 19-23 in Chicago Illinois.

What?: Techweeks sponsors multiple conferences every year all across the nation. If the above dates and locations don’t work for you be sure to check in and see what other dates they have posted. TechWeek’s mission is to spread the wealth of technology entrepreneurship.

Power of Kinnections Conference

When: June 10th

Where: Austin, TX at the Palmer Event Center

What?: Here from key speakers on how they succeeded in their entrepreneurial adventures. Learn about kinnectpay and how they can help your business grow. Learn about the world of internet marketing and social networking.


Do you know of any new and awesome networking opportunities taking place?  Please share in the comments below.

Also to read the rest of the magazine please head over to Kinnectpay.com

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Developing Friendship: As an Entrepreneur

I have a New Years Resolution to reach 10,000 followers this year, so being the research nut that I am I’ve been looking all over the internet for ways to achieve my goal. During my research I discovered the blog Successful Blogging where I found 5 Simple Steps to attract 1,000 visitors to your posts. One of the steps involved Cultivating Friendships. How do you cultivate friendships as an Entrepreneur? Similar to how you develop friendships in your personal life. Converse, do favors, and spend time.

Why do I suck at making friends?

Truth be told I’m an Ambivert, meaning I’m equal parts extroverted and introverted. I greatly enjoy spending time with people, but I also greatly enjoy time alone. Some times I will swing a little more one way or the other depending on the season.

Growing up I was often conflicted, because I felt I had no friends. The anxiety and sadness about this idea  would just overwhelm me, turning me into a whining, weeping, mess. The problem? I did not have the skills or emotional support needed to promote the friendships I had. I didn’t really know how to hold a phone conversation, text messaging had only just become a common thing, and I didn’t have access to the social networking sites my friends were using namely MySpace, and soon later Facebook. tree-200795_640

Since becoming an adult not much has changed, albeit I do have access to social networking sites. In fact, I have 8 accounts, two on facebook, and two on pinterest. However, despite my large number of social networking accounts  I still lack the emotional connection of a lifelong friendship, that I always dreamed of as an adolescent. (My husband is someone I would definitely my best friend in life and I consider myself extremely lucky for having found him. However, his and I’s relationship goes beyond friendship, we are life partners are failures and achievements personally affect the other.)

  • If you would like to connect with me via social media you can find me at the following

Twitter- twitter.com/LeeannMinton

Facebook- facebook.com/leeannminton

To be perfectly honest I don’t get out much, the difference between now and my adolescence is rather than blaming my friends or my life I understand it to be a me problem. I know that if I really want to build and cultivate strong friendships I need to communicate with my friends. I need to make plans to spend time with them. If I do this they in turn will then want to make plans with me. My problem is I don’t take the time to communicate and I don’t make plans very often.

communication-1015376_640Converse as an Entrepreneur:

Whether you’re a blogger, e-commerce seller, or landscaper if you want to grow you business you will need to hold conversation with other people.

As a blogger this may mean participating on Reddit Threads, other blogs, or even facebook groups. Check out this cool post by Suzi from Start a Mom Blog, she has everything you need to know about facebook groups on her site.

If you sell home-goods like lamps, tables, and chairs you will need suppliers as well as some marketing assistance. If you want assistance in marketing your website you may want to employ the help of a blogger. You may find yourself attending real estate, or interior design meetups. Comment on other blogs, participate in conversation on social media. Interact and participate and people will eventually start doing the same with you. Perhaps even send a complimentary email about something they did or said that inspired you.

As a landscaper you could follow a similar path to the e-commerce or since your business is more localized get to know your neighbors. Attend the neighborhood barbecue, go to those lame Home Owner’s Association meetings. After all both those release you from the awkwardness of door to door selling.

Do favors as an Entrepreneur:feedback-1825508_640

Obviously as an entrepreneur you are in the business for the money, but remember opinions, advice, and social networking shares are free. Also they have the potential to bring you more clients and showcase your business. As you find people you would like to gain traffic from or aspire to take on as a future client you may want to do unprompted favors for them. Maybe you comment on a number of blog posts, perhaps you notice a broken link (mention it to them), e-mail them telling them about how their post made you feel and share their post via your own social media platforms. Write  a review about their site or service on your own blog and link it back to theirs. Inform them of this and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

coins-1523383_640Spend Time as an Entrepreneur:

Time is money, sometimes its literal and sometimes its figurative. By attending networking events that allow you to meet with potential clients and even allow you to meet with others in your niche you may be able to make connections that last the entirety of your career.

Using the same examples a blogger may attend events related to blogging, marketing, or depending on their specific niche they may attend a great number of different types of conventions and networking events.

Someone in e-c0mmerce selling lamps, tables, and chairs might attend marketing, small-business, and entrepreneur themed conferences, but they may also attend Real Estate Events or even crafting, antique, and Steam Punk themed events if their furnishings apply to a smaller niche market.

As a landscaper you may find it useful to attend Gardening conventions or even a local Farmers Market. Get creative and think outside of the box to find and expand your market as a means of growing your clientele.

If you are located in the Austin area, Kinnectpay will be hosting its first annual Power of Kinnections conference on June 10, 2017 at the Palmer Event Center. Tickets go on sale April 1st. For more information please visit Kinnectpay.com and if you haven’t yet joined the social networking site that pays you to Kinnect, do so now by clicking on my referral link.

Do you have any tips for making friends as an Entrepreneur? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about your ideas.

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The Future of Blogging

Kinnectpay.com will be hosting it’s first conference June 10th, 2017 in Austin, TX at the Palmer Event Center. There will be 6 main speakers. The topics to be discussed are Recruiting and Networking, God and Business, Financial Literacy, Social Media and Brand Management, Blogging, and Leadership. Kinnectpay’s CEO Joel Usher will be the Leadership speaker, for details on the other speakers please stay tuned for next weeks article, where I will be giving you a brief bio of the 6 speakers. Recently I had a conversation with someone regarding the difference between Social Media Brand Management and Blogging the conversation really got me thinking about the usefulness of Kinnectpay to bloggers.

What Bloggers Do?

I really feel Kinnectpay.com will be a big part of the future for bloggers. Why do I believe this? I believe this because their is so much we as bloggers have to do in order to get our writing in front of others. We have to network, we have to post to social media outlets, and at the same time we have to create amazing content that people actually want to read. We have all of this work we have to do and many of us then have to cross our fingers hoping and praying that all of our work turns into cash. For many it doesn’t, for some it brings in some pocket change, and for a few it brings in full time incomes. With kinnectpay.com even those who are not making anything can make something.

How Kinnectpay can help:

Kinnectpay pay’s its members to connect they have a blog section, and when you post an update via your profile you can sync it so that the post will also show up via facebook and twitter. When you sign up for the Standard package you will be given the ability to post blog posts to the blog page. The more places people can find your work, and your name the greater chances of someone finding you. In addition, Kinnectpay is currently working on establishing a point system so that when you post a blog post via their site, log in to the website, or even post an update via their site you can earn points that you can turn into cash. This is on top of the cash you make for getting new people to sign up for the standard package.

Where is the future?

The future of blogging is now with Kinnectpay.com.

Post blog articles

Update three social media accounts with one click

Increase your google ranking by getting your name on a new up and coming platform

If you are interested in learning more about how Kinnectpay.com is the future of blogging and are located in the Austin, TX area or will be visiting during June 10th, then please head on over to the site to purchase your tickets and learn more about the Power of Kinnections Conference.

*This article has affiliate links by clicking the links and joining Kinnectpay.com I will receive compensation, this does not add any additional cost to your purchase.

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Power of Kinnections Conference

Happy Friday! Unfortunately I got sick last week and was unable to bring you this information sooner. However, I’m doing better now and I am excited to tell you about this golden opportunity coming up this June. On June 10th, 2017 Kinnectpay will be hosting its first annual conference in Austin, TX at the Palmer Event Center.

The conference is geared toward entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Individuals who are interested can purchase tickets at Kinnectpay.com. The conference will showcase a few different speakers covering social networking, marketing tactics, and blogging. In addition, there will be a networking mixer where you can meet with the sponsors and exchange information with the fellow conference goers.

Kinnectpay.com is a new social networking platform that pays its members to Kinnect. The website also connects with your social media accounts like facebook and twitter allowing you to have a one stop place for posting on multiple social media accounts simultaneously. If you haven’t joined kinnectpay you can do so by utilizing my refferal link here.

Kinnectpay is currently looking for sponsors to help in the hosting of the conference if you are interested in sponsoring or simply want more information you can contact the Events team at: creative.events@kinnectpay.com


The Live Streaming Craze

Last year facebook launched the ability to stream live video straight to your profile page. Since then people have posted live footage of concerts, protests, and even day to day moments of their lives. Companies and bloggers have also been taking advantage of this new media format and hosting live interviews and free classes for their followers. Here are three ways live streaming can help grow your business.

Boost your facebook activity

When you boost your activity on your facebook and social networking sites, you also increase the odds of your information finding its way to your customers news feed. In addition, when you optimize your titles and postings using SEO you are increasing your odds of ending up on the front page of Google searches. Ultimately, you want to use live streaming to increase your social network activity. After all when your page is more active you will likely reach more people on a regular basis.

Optimize your website

The more traffic you have to both your social networking sites and your website the more likely you are to increase your Google ranking. When you host a live video make sure it relates and directs people back to your main website so that you not only increase sales, but also traffic. Increased traffic is the full proof way of increasing your google ranking.

Sell More Products

Live Streaming is free advertising for your business. Facebook costs you nothing, most phones, and laptops have cameras built in. So streaming live from anywhere is a possibility. With live streaming you can make your own mini commercial or service announcement. In addition, if you are someone who provides a service you can host a free mini course this way give people a taste of what you do so that they come to you willing to offer up the cash for the real product.

Live streaming is still a rather new endeavor, however I see a lot of potential in the technology for work from home and small business owners.

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Greenpill Magazine Launch

Happy Friday!!! It is time for another Kinnectpay sponsored post. In March 2017, Kinnectpay.com will be launching its own magazine the first issue will be dedicated to Kinnectpay’s services including online marketing, social networking, event planning, and blogging.

Currently Kinnectpay.com is looking for sponsors to place ads in their magazine. In addition, if you would like a post written about your business they are open to doing that as well. If you would like more information on how you can get your business in the magazine please contact the Greenpill magazine team via email Greenpill@kinnectpay.com.

I will be producing two articles for the magazines launch including an article about Networking Events Across the U.S.A. I will be provided a list of events taking place between April and June. Kinnectpay will be hosting its first annual Kinnections conference in Austin, TX this June. I will bring you an article next week with more information regarding the event.

Whether you are a new business owner an aspiring entrepreneur or someone who is simply interested in growing their networking skills the March issue of Greenpill magazine is sure to have something for you. Each member of Kinnectpay’s team is currently working diligently towards creating amazing articles for the blog about their own personal experiences working with Kinnectpay in its many different branches.

The magazine will come out quarterly you can expect a new issue in March, June, September, and December of this year.

If you haven’t joined the newest sites in social networking you may just want to take the leap today. You can join kinnectpay by clicking on my referral link here.


Tipping in America vs. The Rest of the World

A tip or gratuity is a sum of money given to an individual for doing a good job at a particular service. For example in America people often tip waiters/waitresses, cab drivers, baristas, bar tenders and cosmetologists. While it is considered customary in the U.S to leave a tip, it is not necessarily in the rest of the world.

Some people know this, but many others do not. The majority of the world specifically Europe includes the tip within the price of the food/service. Unlike in the United States where most restaurants have a system of allowing customers to decide the tip, in Europe a tip is not necessary unless you feel exceptionally generous and happy about the service you received. In order to assure everyone takes home a livable wage waiters and waitresses, are paid hourly. Similar to how cooks or baristas in the U.S are paid.

However, the United States of America does have a system of determining an appropriate tip vs. an in-appropriate tip. Generally a 10% tip means your work was shoddy, but not bad enough for me not to leave a tip at all. (I understand you like me have responsibilities to take care of outside of here.) A 15% tip means, you did the job I would expect any waitress or waiter to do. Then you have 20% or more this is given for exceptionally amazing and terrific service. Anything less than 10% basically means the service was so horrible you don’t believe the individual who took care of you should be working in that industry or at the very least they shouldn’t be working in that restaurant. If you receive good service and do not tip at least 10% at the restaurant then you are basically being rude and showing that you could care less about your fellow man.

I wrote this post because I feel the art of tipping is not always well discussed. I feel it is important to understand the customs of any and every country you visit. I feel it is especially important to understand the customs of your own country. While attending college I was surprised by how many of the people I went to school with did not understand what it meant to leave a real tip. As a result I found myself on too many occasions over tipping for my own meal/service because others around me just would not tip.

*Bonus tip to you reader, many people don’t know this, but when you eat at a sushi restaurant the tips are often split with the chefs behind the bar. This means you may want to tip a little extra when eating out a restaurants like this as not all of it will be going to the waiter/waitress. In addition, some restaurants require the waiters/waitresses to split their tips with the bus boys and hostess. To better determine what an ideal tip is you may want to ask your service provider whether or not their tips are split, or if they keep them.



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Laugh and Get Rich Day

On February 8th I wrote a post about Cleaning out Your Computer, I mentioned that February 8th celebrated two fun holidays. February 8th was also Laugh and Get Rich Day. In honor of that special day I bring you today’s post on ways you can enjoy life while making money. Here are three side gigs that will leave you laughing all the way to the bank.

I want to draw a cat for you:

Steve Gadlin started a business drawing stick figure cats, and actually makes good money doing it. He pitched his idea to ABC’s shark tank in 2012 believing he was their as comic relief, he actually walked away with a business partner. It just goes to show that if you market yourself correctly you can make money doing just about anything.

Write jokes for people:

Comics will sometimes pay for other people to write their jokes. You can also start a fiverr gig and offer to write a joke as a gift for someones birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. If you have a great sense of humor and often hear from friends, family, and co-workers that you are hilarious you may want to think about turning those great jokes of yours into cash. Write down the really good ones and sell them via fiverr. For more information about this great site check out my post here.

Sell your used socks and shoes:

So this one is probably a little gross, but if I could get past the eww factor of this I could totally make bank on it. There are weird people out their who will purchase used clothing as a part of a fetish. Basically all you need to do is where a pair of socks or shoes, write your story about how long you wore them, what you did while wearing them. Take a picture of the socks and your bare feet, place the socks or shoes in a ziplock bag after wearing (no washing) and post your story to craigslist or ebay.  You then mail off the item when it is purchased. They get the story as well. A pair of socks you paid 2 or 3 dollars for can easily become 8, 9, or ten. Some people will even pay more. If you do this with shoes, you can make hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. If I was responsible when it came to putting things in the mail and could get past the gross factor of what was likely going to be happening to those socks or shoes I would totally do this, and I would laugh when I saw the money arrive in my bank account. I highly recommend that if you do this you go through ebay so you do not have to meet the person to make the delivery. Most people want to meet when you go through craigslist.

So their you have it people three ways you can make bank and get a good laugh in as well. This post was sponsored by Kinnectpay, for more information on how you can get paid to be apart of this great social networking site please see my post here.

What are some ways you or someone else has made money that just had your laughing? Share in the comments below.


Kinnectpay: Income Mixer

Kinnectpay will be hosting a series of events this year.Every month you can check out one of their income mixers. Learn more about Kinnectpay and how it works. Taking place January 20th at the Nesbitt Memorial Library, in Columbus, TX. Start off the 2017 New Year learning how you can increase your revenue for your household, business, or Non-Profit by “Kinnecting” through social networking.

Learn how to #MakeMoney #SaveTime #SaveMoney by utilizing Kinnectpay.com Social Networking, Digital Marketing, and Creative Event Services!

Refreshments and drinks will be available! Jan. 20th Nesbitt Memorial Library Columbus TX. 78934

This two hour event is the perfect opportunity for small business owners, or individuals looking to start a new business. 7:30pm – 9:30 pm

The Events will be taking place twice a month.


This blog post was sponsored by Kinnectpay.com please check out their website for more information or check out my blog post here to consider joining.