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Networking Events Across the U.S.A

Kinnectpay launched it’s first magazine yesterday. Check out the amazing article I wrote for them.

Networking is a key part of any successful business. And a conference is the perfect opportunity to not only make new friends, but also to learn new skills, gain new insight, and find mentors and backers if you are in the market for those things. After a thorough search of the internet I was able to score a list of 12 amazing conferences taking place between April and June of 2017. These events are taking place all across the United States of America and provide an excellent opportunity to both inform others about what you are doing, and to gain knowledge on how you can do it even better.

Events coming up in April:

LuLac National Women’s Conference

When: March 31st and April 1st

Where: Atlanta, GA

What?: Learn how Latina women have made it big in the world of politics. The conference will also host talks on Latina women in business.

CoSN 2017 Invent the Future

When: April 3-6

Where: Chicago, IL

What?: A leadership conference for educators, and educational technology creators. This conference is aimed at technology within the education system and is an excellent went to see what is being pumped out and to meet with those who choose the technology that is going into schools.

The Human Gathering

When: April 6th to 8th

Where: Los Angeles, CA

What?: An invitation only event, this conference is for those entrepreneurs who wish to give back to the world and humanity as a whole.


When: April 25-27

Where: Phoenix, AZ

What?: An excellent experience for small business owners. This conference aims to educate, connect, and transform small business owners.

Events coming up in May:

Collision Conference

When: May 2nd to 4th

Where: New Orleans, LA

What?: Tech entrepreneurs, this one is for you. Meet with senior members working for sites like Reddit, Ebay, and AppDynamics. Bonus this conference takes place in the middle of New Orleans, Jazz Fest!!!

Grow Conference

When: May 8th to 10th

Where: New Orleans, LA

What?: Learn to grow your business at the Grow Conference. Perfect for those who already have a business, but are struggling to make it grow. Network with other entrepreneurs and learn what really works from people who have already done it.

Texas-EU Business Summit

When: May 9th to 10th

Where: Austin, TX

What?: For entrepreneurs interested in breaking into the European Market. Texas has the largest trade of any state with the European Union. This conference is designed to allow those interested in breaking into the market to network with people from across the pond, and to hear from speakers who have already done it.

TechCrunch Disrupt NYC

When: May 15th to 17th

Where: New York City, NY

What?: Aimed at startup tech business this is the perfect conference, for anyone looking to startup and anyone running a tech business. It is as entertaining as it is educational.

World Social Marketing Conference

When: May 16th and 17th

Where: Washington, D.C

What?: Aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of social marketing this conference brings together entrepreneurs, academics, and policy makers from all over the world. If you are looking to expand your knowledge on social networking and marketing this is the conference for you.

Events coming up in June:

Next Gen Summit

When: First week of June

Where: New York City, NY

What?: Are you intimidated by conferences, because of how much older the other attendees are? Check out the Next Gen Summit, geared specifically toward millennial’s who are wanting to build a business. Learn from others who have already succeeded, meet new people, and gain business partners or mentors.


When/where: June 5-9 in Detroit Michigan and June 19-23 in Chicago Illinois.

What?: Techweeks sponsors multiple conferences every year all across the nation. If the above dates and locations don’t work for you be sure to check in and see what other dates they have posted. TechWeek’s mission is to spread the wealth of technology entrepreneurship.

Power of Kinnections Conference

When: June 10th

Where: Austin, TX at the Palmer Event Center

What?: Here from key speakers on how they succeeded in their entrepreneurial adventures. Learn about kinnectpay and how they can help your business grow. Learn about the world of internet marketing and social networking.


Do you know of any new and awesome networking opportunities taking place?  Please share in the comments below.

Also to read the rest of the magazine please head over to Kinnectpay.com

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Monthly Review/ Recap: March

This month has been a most unique one, not only did I finally get the opportunity to purchase my blog rights, we also had multiple visitors at the house, the baby caught a 24 hour stomach bug, and my husbands schedule went bonkers. Thought the month did not go 100% as planned I still managed to get a ton of stuff done. Not just with the blog, but also around the house. Some of you may remember my Website Revamp plan. I achieved many of the goals I set out for myself, but I also discovered some things would need to just become long-term projects. Specifically editing my 150+ old posts. In addition, to my blog revamp I also managed to get closer towards reaching some of my personal goals.

Posts by category:

Motherhood: 2

College: 1

Employment: 1

Social: 4

News: 7

Hobbies: 2

My favorite Posts to write this month: home-office-336378_1920

I loved every post I wrote this month. I lowered the number of posts that I was writing each week from 5 to 3 and interestingly enough my traffic slowed down a little, but my followers continued to increase at the same rate. By lessening the number of posts I was able to give more focus to what I wanted to say and write about. I’m taking it as a great lesson to the ode that sometimes less is more. I also ran a test of editing and updating an old post and re-posting it as new. The results were amazing and I’m thinking that is how I will continue to provide 5 posts a week. 3 New ones and two old/re-purposed posts.

Posts that received the most traffic:

I looked up the top five posts for every month since I began this blog in January of 2015, I was surprised to discover that since October 2015 my most popular post has been Expiration vs. Use by Dates. Knowing this I don’t want to keep repeating about how it made the list. Should a post sometime in the future surpass the Expiration vs. Use by Dates post then I will let you know. At any rate here’s a list of my top 6 posts for this month.

Expiration vs. Use By Dates

Old Stuff Day

Everything you Need to Know About Studying Abroad

Hobbies: Taking Care of Temperamental House Plants

Surviving Life with a Baby Part 7: Meal Planning

Developing Friendship as an Entrepreneur


New Years Resolutions:



I’ve been on the biggest health kick this month, eating more vegetables, and more meals cooked at home.I made homemade couscous for the first time, started making my own homemade salsa, and I even made smoothies with spinach in them.

I’m super proud of my healthy eating right now. In addition to that I also started using the Samsung S. Health App on my phone to help count my steps as I run errands, walk the dog, and even while I did laundry. I’m hoping to eventually transition to using the app as an incentive to walk even more. Meaning the baby and I are going to be going on a lot of long strolls.

I still have more steps to take towards a healthier me. For instance a bedtime and morning wake up routine would be a good place to start.

Financially: visa-957187_1920

My husband got a call from one of his long-term friends he just opened a restaurant and needs help, my husband is tired of long hours where he gets no time with his son. He is still working 6 days a week 14 hours a day, but here soon he will be going down to 40 hours with 3 days off a week. My job is to increase my income either via this or getting a part time job when that happens. Fingers crossed we see a big jump in my income report during my next two Roundup/Review Posts. In case you missed the last two check them out below.

Monthly Roundup/Review February

Monthly Round Up/Review

Even with my husband switching jobs for the what seems like 100th time we are still doing good financially. In addition, my credit score is on the rise thanks to careful use of our tax returns. Unfortunately, we are scratching our heads about how we are going to afford to move and get a new car. Some of the things we ended up having to purchase were a bit more than we budgeted for. However, we are determined in our ability to do it. Finally, amidst my blogging re-vamp endeavors I also re-launched my Fiverr account, however I still need to create a video.

If you are interested in hiring me, you can check out my Fiverr account here.

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Ditch New Years Resolutions

Monthly Round Up/Review


This month it was finally warm enough to start gardening, again. I love re-potting, watering, and pruning my plants. Plus I added some new ones I’ve never worked with before. It is a fun journey, learning how a new plant works. Ha, I’m still learning how to take care of my Hibiscus, which was one of my first plants. Check out my Hobbies Post on Taking Care of Temperamental House Plants. Unfortunately I was not able to give much time to reading, painting, or making jewelry, but I’m hoping as my schedule becomes more regular/predictable some of that will come into play. I did get to enjoy a good two hours of dancing this month. Kinnectpay and I took some time to navigate SXSW this month. We handed out business cards and shared with people about how they could make money by doing things they do on Social Networking Everyday.

To Summarize:

This month was an excellent goal achieving month I managed to take at least one or two small steps at achieving my bigger goal for the year in every category of my personal life, and wait till you here about how I managed on my writing goals. There is no better word to describe this moment, besides Ecstatic that is how I feel about this month. I’m happy and overjoyed at my ability to put my head down and bulldoze through everything the way I managed to do so this month. There were so many things that could have gotten in my way as well, but I didn’t and I couldn’t let it. This month I ate better, I raised my credit score, I danced, and I took care of my plants. Most importantly I purchased my blog and started the process of turning it into the site I always imaged it could be.

Writing Goals:

This month was busy, I purposely cut back my blog posts to 3 a week while I went through the process of updating and developing a marketing plan. In changing my weekly post count to 3 I was able to learn a lot about how I currently receive traffic to the site. In addition, I was able to give more focus to each article and was able to enjoy the writing process ten times more.


I have a new affiliate partner and I can’t wait to share their product line with you guys this next month. It’s a product that I love and I am so excited that they accepted me as an affiliate member. I was afraid my blog wouldn’t be big enough, but I went for it anyway. I did not actively search for new clients this month, I actually stumbled on the affiliate sign up for this company, and couldn’t believe how quickly they accepted my application.

I also developed a marketing plan aimed both at gaining readership and finding/locating new clients. I did update and re-open my Fiverr account, but seeing as its been open for two weeks with no bites I’m thinking I need to come up with a new plan or re-work my packages. Finally getting around to making that video would be nice too.

Creative Writing:old-1130743_640

I spent some time developing a short story this month. Originally I was planning to share about story telling Day with you, but I just couldn’t find any love in writing the story, that’s how I ended up writing about my plants. I just love them, maybe even slightly obsessed since I’ve mentioned it multiple times now. Ha! I guess Gardening and Household plants will be going in the keywords now. 😛

My Income Report:

Kinnectpay: $130

Craigslist: $80

I did my usual work for Kinnectpay this month, but I also made some money selling an old phone on Craigslist, upping my income for the month.

How are your goals coming along? Have your Resolutions long been left in the dust? Check out my article Ditch New Years Resolutions for ways you can get back on track to achieving your New Years Goals.

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Developing Friendship: As an Entrepreneur

I have a New Years Resolution to reach 10,000 followers this year, so being the research nut that I am I’ve been looking all over the internet for ways to achieve my goal. During my research I discovered the blog Successful Blogging where I found 5 Simple Steps to attract 1,000 visitors to your posts. One of the steps involved Cultivating Friendships. How do you cultivate friendships as an Entrepreneur? Similar to how you develop friendships in your personal life. Converse, do favors, and spend time.

Why do I suck at making friends?

Truth be told I’m an Ambivert, meaning I’m equal parts extroverted and introverted. I greatly enjoy spending time with people, but I also greatly enjoy time alone. Some times I will swing a little more one way or the other depending on the season.

Growing up I was often conflicted, because I felt I had no friends. The anxiety and sadness about this idea  would just overwhelm me, turning me into a whining, weeping, mess. The problem? I did not have the skills or emotional support needed to promote the friendships I had. I didn’t really know how to hold a phone conversation, text messaging had only just become a common thing, and I didn’t have access to the social networking sites my friends were using namely MySpace, and soon later Facebook. tree-200795_640

Since becoming an adult not much has changed, albeit I do have access to social networking sites. In fact, I have 8 accounts, two on facebook, and two on pinterest. However, despite my large number of social networking accounts  I still lack the emotional connection of a lifelong friendship, that I always dreamed of as an adolescent. (My husband is someone I would definitely my best friend in life and I consider myself extremely lucky for having found him. However, his and I’s relationship goes beyond friendship, we are life partners are failures and achievements personally affect the other.)

  • If you would like to connect with me via social media you can find me at the following

Twitter- twitter.com/LeeannMinton

Facebook- facebook.com/leeannminton

To be perfectly honest I don’t get out much, the difference between now and my adolescence is rather than blaming my friends or my life I understand it to be a me problem. I know that if I really want to build and cultivate strong friendships I need to communicate with my friends. I need to make plans to spend time with them. If I do this they in turn will then want to make plans with me. My problem is I don’t take the time to communicate and I don’t make plans very often.

communication-1015376_640Converse as an Entrepreneur:

Whether you’re a blogger, e-commerce seller, or landscaper if you want to grow you business you will need to hold conversation with other people.

As a blogger this may mean participating on Reddit Threads, other blogs, or even facebook groups. Check out this cool post by Suzi from Start a Mom Blog, she has everything you need to know about facebook groups on her site.

If you sell home-goods like lamps, tables, and chairs you will need suppliers as well as some marketing assistance. If you want assistance in marketing your website you may want to employ the help of a blogger. You may find yourself attending real estate, or interior design meetups. Comment on other blogs, participate in conversation on social media. Interact and participate and people will eventually start doing the same with you. Perhaps even send a complimentary email about something they did or said that inspired you.

As a landscaper you could follow a similar path to the e-commerce or since your business is more localized get to know your neighbors. Attend the neighborhood barbecue, go to those lame Home Owner’s Association meetings. After all both those release you from the awkwardness of door to door selling.

Do favors as an Entrepreneur:feedback-1825508_640

Obviously as an entrepreneur you are in the business for the money, but remember opinions, advice, and social networking shares are free. Also they have the potential to bring you more clients and showcase your business. As you find people you would like to gain traffic from or aspire to take on as a future client you may want to do unprompted favors for them. Maybe you comment on a number of blog posts, perhaps you notice a broken link (mention it to them), e-mail them telling them about how their post made you feel and share their post via your own social media platforms. Write  a review about their site or service on your own blog and link it back to theirs. Inform them of this and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

coins-1523383_640Spend Time as an Entrepreneur:

Time is money, sometimes its literal and sometimes its figurative. By attending networking events that allow you to meet with potential clients and even allow you to meet with others in your niche you may be able to make connections that last the entirety of your career.

Using the same examples a blogger may attend events related to blogging, marketing, or depending on their specific niche they may attend a great number of different types of conventions and networking events.

Someone in e-c0mmerce selling lamps, tables, and chairs might attend marketing, small-business, and entrepreneur themed conferences, but they may also attend Real Estate Events or even crafting, antique, and Steam Punk themed events if their furnishings apply to a smaller niche market.

As a landscaper you may find it useful to attend Gardening conventions or even a local Farmers Market. Get creative and think outside of the box to find and expand your market as a means of growing your clientele.

If you are located in the Austin area, Kinnectpay will be hosting its first annual Power of Kinnections conference on June 10, 2017 at the Palmer Event Center. Tickets go on sale April 1st. For more information please visit Kinnectpay.com and if you haven’t yet joined the social networking site that pays you to Kinnect, do so now by clicking on my referral link.

Do you have any tips for making friends as an Entrepreneur? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about your ideas.


Bouncing Back After Illness

I got a bit behind on my work in January, thanks to my feeling like death for nearly two weeks. I was very disappointed in myself that not long after bringing you a post regarding ways to stay on track with your New Years Resolutions here I was falling short on my own resolutions thanks to a gross bug. The thing about winter though is it brings out all the nasty things and it seems like everyone gets sick at least once during the season. So here are the five things I did to jump back on the horse after falling so miserably short.

Tip #1: Continue drinking fluids

Just because you are feeling better doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water. Continue to drink plenty of water and try and get some healthy meals in. When I’m sick, but still capable of eating I like to eat junk food. Greasy hamburgers, potato chips, and soda are my go-to’s when I am feeling awful. If you have this type of habit then make sure you are filling up on those yummy healthy foods especially now that you are feeling better.

Tip #2: Make a plan

Once I was better I made a list of everything I needed to do. I then broke it down and set aside certain days towards certain activities. I also had to make a decision about what I was going to give up while I was playing catch-up on all of my work. It actually has been immensely helpful at getting me towards many of my New Years goals. My house has been clean for a straight week, I do basic pick up in the evening and some chores during the day, but over all the house has been clean.

Tip#3: Air out the house

Some might have done this already, but in case you haven’t, be sure to wipe down all of the potentially nasty surfaces in your home that your ick might have spread too. Change your sheets, get a new toothbrush, wipe down the door knobs, cell phone, key board, and light switches in the house. Also (as long as it isn’t going to make your home ridiculously cold) open the windows and allow the house to air out. I do this after anyone is sick and also at the end of every season. I live in Texas so we have crazy weather that allows us the potential of opening up the windows and airing out the house multiple times a year. Others may only get this chance once or twice a year.

Tip #4: Follow your doctors instructions

If your doctor told you to take a certain medication until the prescription was gone. Do it, there’s a reason for that. Your Doctor has your best interest at heart. If you don’t trust your Doctor then get a new one. I wasn’t placed on any medication for my illness, but this is still a great tip for everyone/anyone who ever gets sick.

Tip #5: Take it easy

Don’t rush yourself trying to get everything done at once. You don’t want to run yourself ragged trying to get everything done that you missed out on. If you do you will just end up sick again, because you stressed yourself out trying to do too much at the same time. This is why it is so important to make a list and create a schedule to help you get caught back up. See tip number two again.

Have you ever been sick and gotten behind on a bunch of responsibilities? How did you jump back? Let me know in the comments.


Job Search 101: How to Dress?

I briefly touched on wardrobe in my post Job Search 101: Top 5 Job Hunting Tips, in this post I want to elaborate more on determining how to dress at work once you have landed the job. Every workplace is going to have a different culture in terms of work attire. Some places are more lax, while others more strict. It is important to keep in mind not only the type of work you do, but also what is acceptable by your co-workers, and boss.

The best rule of thumb in determining what is acceptable attire is usually to look at your boss. If your boss dresses in a suit and tie everyday it may be in your best interest to do the same. However, though your boss may wear a suit it is possible that your job title could mean that it is acceptable for your to dress more casual. In these situations I would suggest not only examining your daily activity when determining what to wear, but also the co-workers who are in the same or similar position as yourself.

Active Job:

If you have a job that has you constantly on your feet and moving about the office, what will be most important for you are comfortable work appropriate shoes. If you work in a restaurant this means slip resistant. If you work in an office this means no flip flops, and if you are walking around a lot please leave the heels at home too. A nice pair of flats is probably what you really need. In addition, you don’t want your pants slipping down so either wear a belt, or make sure they are snug even while you are running around all day. Wear breathable shirts, and even if your office tends to be cold, try to layer so you can reduce the risk of sweat marks appearing while you do all that running around.

Motionless Job:

If you work in a place like a call center or are often stuck for long periods of time sitting in a cubicle then you likely are not doing a lot of moving around. With jobs where most of what you do involves sitting and staring at a computer screen, the most difficult issue you are going to have clothing wise is it being too comfortable. Staring at a computer screen all day can be exhausting to combat the exhaustion avoid dressing up too casual even on casual Fridays. Never wear sweat pants to work unless your job is as a work out instructor or requires for you to literally be asleep. Don’t wear flip flops or tennis shoes, just because your sitting at a desk and no one ever sees your feet anyway. Even in casual work environments it is important to still care for you appearance. Make sure you shower as necessary, keep your hair brushed, don’t over due the cologne, and wear deodorant.

Business Casual vs. Professional Attire:

Professional attire is often viewed as a suit and tie for men simple. With women being able to understand the difference between Professional and Casual can be a little bit more difficult in terms of the fine line. Of course they sell pants suits for women as well, and these are perfect examples of Professional attire for women, but what if you don’t like the Pant suit look, how do you dress professionally as a woman if you don’t want to wear pants? There are a few options for dressing professionally without having to wear a suit. First rule, always make sure you are wearing panty hose, tights, or stockings. Leggings are not professional attire, they are however considered business casual if worn properly. Second Rule, make sure whether the outfit is business casual or professional that the hem line is at an appropriate length. Best rule is if you bend forward to reach for your toes and someone standing behind you can see your underwear then the skirt or dress is too short for work. Third rule, when deciding whether an outfit is professional or casual understand that you want shoulders covered, no thin straps, or 1 inch straps. Make sure all bra straps are out of site. Fourth and final rule, some outfits can look both casual and professional depending on the accessories you place with it. Be sure that when you are putting together your professional wardrobe you are selective of the types of jewelry you wear with it.

Did you find this post helpful? Do you have suggestions for dressing appropriately at work? Please let me know in the comments below.



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Laugh and Get Rich Day

On February 8th I wrote a post about Cleaning out Your Computer, I mentioned that February 8th celebrated two fun holidays. February 8th was also Laugh and Get Rich Day. In honor of that special day I bring you today’s post on ways you can enjoy life while making money. Here are three side gigs that will leave you laughing all the way to the bank.

I want to draw a cat for you:

Steve Gadlin started a business drawing stick figure cats, and actually makes good money doing it. He pitched his idea to ABC’s shark tank in 2012 believing he was their as comic relief, he actually walked away with a business partner. It just goes to show that if you market yourself correctly you can make money doing just about anything.

Write jokes for people:

Comics will sometimes pay for other people to write their jokes. You can also start a fiverr gig and offer to write a joke as a gift for someones birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. If you have a great sense of humor and often hear from friends, family, and co-workers that you are hilarious you may want to think about turning those great jokes of yours into cash. Write down the really good ones and sell them via fiverr. For more information about this great site check out my post here.

Sell your used socks and shoes:

So this one is probably a little gross, but if I could get past the eww factor of this I could totally make bank on it. There are weird people out their who will purchase used clothing as a part of a fetish. Basically all you need to do is where a pair of socks or shoes, write your story about how long you wore them, what you did while wearing them. Take a picture of the socks and your bare feet, place the socks or shoes in a ziplock bag after wearing (no washing) and post your story to craigslist or ebay.  You then mail off the item when it is purchased. They get the story as well. A pair of socks you paid 2 or 3 dollars for can easily become 8, 9, or ten. Some people will even pay more. If you do this with shoes, you can make hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. If I was responsible when it came to putting things in the mail and could get past the gross factor of what was likely going to be happening to those socks or shoes I would totally do this, and I would laugh when I saw the money arrive in my bank account. I highly recommend that if you do this you go through ebay so you do not have to meet the person to make the delivery. Most people want to meet when you go through craigslist.

So their you have it people three ways you can make bank and get a good laugh in as well. This post was sponsored by Kinnectpay, for more information on how you can get paid to be apart of this great social networking site please see my post here.

What are some ways you or someone else has made money that just had your laughing? Share in the comments below.


Job Search 101: The Perfect Resume

So last week I talked about how to find a job, this week I want to give you some information about how to format a resume. I will break it down into four sections: header, education, skills, and experience.


You want to make sure your header is bold, so that it immediately grabs their attention. You want them to remember your name. Your header should include your name (first and last), phone number, and email address. Make sure your email is one you check regularly, also avoid using an email with anything inappropriate or that makes you sound like a kid (it just seems unprofessional).


Below your header in bold letters include education, skills, and experience. In regular font include where you went to school. If you went to college don’t worry about putting down your high school information if you didn’t go to college then be sure to include your high school info. If you have any other certifications include these under education.


Below education include skills. Skills can be a variety of things from organized, to proficient in Microsoft Office and/or Excel. Use bullet points and lists if necessary. Keep computer related skills together, organizational related skills, and skills regarding interpersonal interactions. You will likely need three bullet points.


Include all jobs that relate to the one you are looking to find. With each job list the Name of the business, and in italics below put your job title. Next to the business name include the dates of your employment. If you currently work their put when you started dash current. Beneath the dates include your basic job requirements especially any that pertain to the job you are attempting to get. Use no more than 3 bullet points here as well.

Finally, keep the resume to one page, anything over one page no one is going to read. You want to make sure your resume is easy to skim for the pertinent information. Make sure you use only 12 point times new roman font. Make sure the paper is not creased, you do not need expensive paper to make the resume look better.


Job Search 101: Top 5 Job Hunting Tips

Finding a job is hard, in fact for me finding a job is much harder than keeping one. I’m an excellent employee. Unfortunately I tend to overwork and over stress myself in the process. For this reason my husband and I have decided it is much easier and better for our family if I stay home and work. My husband, he can find a job with no problem. He once quit a job and sat down on the couch he said he would look the next day for a new one because he was too pissed and needed to cool off. Thirty minutes later he got a phone call, someone heard he had quit and asked if he wanted to come work for them. He didn’t even have to get off the couch and he had a job! So you can imagine my frustration at the job search. However, if I was ever in a real bind and needed a job tomorrow I’m sure I could get one if I was desperate enough to beg…maybe.

Talking to my husband about job searching has taught me a lot about the job hunt though. My husband has held over 200 jobs in his lifetime and he is turning 31 this year.

Tip #1 Always talk to the hiring manager.

If you walk into a place in search of a job, be sure to ask to speak with the hiring manager. If they are not there or not available ask when they will be and go back later. You do not need to waste your time talking to someone who has no control over hiring. Also go in during slow hours (especially if you are applying at a retail store, coffee house or restaurant).

Tip #2: How your dressed doesn’t necessarily matter

Okay so this is a weird one. If you are going in for an interview with a law firm or big time corporate office, yes please dress up Business Professional. However, if you are applying at a restaurant or a retail store. They want to know about your skills more than anything else and if you go in their confident and showing them that you are ready to work, you could be wearing a trash bag and they won’t care. Just make sure you don’t show up to your first day of work looking like that. I don’t know how many people I’ve seen get hired over me who were dressed like they could care less about the job. However, they got the job not because they were any more qualified than I , but because they wanted the job more than I did and portrayed that in the way they spoke to the hiring manager and answered their questions.

Tip#3: Create an amazing Resume/Cover Letter

Post your resume on job sites you will have potential employers contacting you within a week to a month. It is not the fastest way to get a job, but this is also if you are looking for a more corporate type position. Corporate positions take time to find no matter who you are. There’s a long hiring process, because everyone wants a job with benefits and paid vacation. If you are looking for a job like this you will be sure to find a number of options by doing this. Personally I like Snagajob.com for this option, but there are many out there. I actually got my last job this way, and I have left my resume up and still get emails requesting I come in for an interview nearly a year later. I keep it up just in case I need to jump back into the job market at a last minute notice.

For more information and advice on writing a resume check out my post Job Search 101: The Perfect Resume.

Tip#4: Don’t be afraid to call potential Employers

If you don’t want to drive all over town asking stores and restaurants if they are hiring and if their hiring manager is available. You can always call ahead and ask. My husband has gotten a few jobs by doing this. He called up a couple of places asked if they were hiring and if the manager was available. He would often give the manager a basic rundown of his experience and end up with an interview either the next day or later in the week. He would nail the interview and come home with a job.

Tip #5: Prepare for every interview

This is something my husband doesn’t do, but that is because he’s been on so many interviews and knows the restaurant business so well he doesn’t really need to. However, every now and again if he really likes the place he will research the menu before going in. To prepare for an interview it is good to research the business and understand what they are all about. If you are sort of lack luster with your interview skills it might be good to even practice with a friend or in the mirror on how you will answer some of the questions they will likely ask. I always bomb the question regarding my weaknesses, because I can never think of anything. I know I have them, but its not something I personally like to focus on. I acknowledge them and do my best to improve when they are brought to my attention, but for me my weaknesses are not really a focus.

Anyway I hope these tips were helpful to you. Please share your job hunting tips below. What are some unique things that worked for you when getting a job?

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Starting an At Home Business

So you want to start a business from home, well I will be the first person to tell you it isn’t easy. I’ve been bumbling along with this blog for two full years now (just started year three) and my first piece of advice to anyone is do not quit your day job right away. I quit my job for what I thought were medical reasons before starting this blog, of course I found out 1 week too late that nothing was medically wrong with me I was just pregnant. Opps!

I ended up blogging because I was too big for anyone to want to hire me, after all I had very few qualifications being fresh out of college and I was pregnant. Who wants to hire on that sort of a train wreck. Anyway, I started freelance writing and running this blog. I averaged about $300 per month making $700 during the month I was due and then even though by that point I had it all figured out. I knew exactly what was needed to really get my stuff up and running I was too overwhelmed with caring for a new infant. I just couldn’t quite put in the effort necessary to do it.

I went and got a real job eventually, but still maintained my side thing. The job just didn’t feel right for me, plus my husband got a promotion so I returned home. I started slowly playing more and more with my blog again. (Not that I had really given it up, I had continued to post updates, but it wasn’t quite the same as when I first started out.) However, it is a new year and I am ready to rock it. If you really want to start a business from home I recommend you keep your day job and research every aspect of the at home business you are wanting to start first. Give yourself about 6 months to fine-tune all the information and figure out what is going to be best for you. If you are thinking about doing something like freelance writing find yourself a few clients.

Get everything set up and ready including your website and social media accounts. Build your product line if you are considering doing something like selling on Amazon or Etsy. Also have at least three to six months worth of money to pay bills lined up. Once you have done these things you will be ready to quit your job and really give your at home business a good hard try. If you find yourself in a position like I was in, don’t be afraid to invest a hundred or so dollars to get yourself started. I wish I had done this, because if I had I could easily have brought in a few extra hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars extra every month just with affiliate marketing and ad revenue. As such I haven’t been able to bring in anywhere close to this kind of cash, because I don’t/didn’t own my domain. That all changes this year. This year my domain will be mine.

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Leadership and Accountability

What does it mean to be accountable when in a leadership position? As a leader you are responsible for what your team does, if those below you on the work line are messing up it is your mess up. It is important to know as a leader when to be patient, when to coach, when to delegate, and when to put your foot down.

Patience as a Leader:

Many times when you are working especially when you are working in a leadership role, you will have to deal with “green hornes” or people who have never done this type of job or work before. When dealing with people like this it is important to maintain patience as they may have many questions. In addition, people who come into a new job with little to no experience may also be slow, or afraid to ask questions. It is important to know when it is okay to allow the person to make mistakes and when to step in and explain the procedure. As a leader you are accountable for the new persons progress. It is important to give them the proper training, but depending on the job, there may not be a lot of time for one on one treatment. In these situations be sure to give clear verbal instruction and perhaps even show them once or twice so they can get a visual.

Coaching as a Leader:

As a leader it is important to know how to give a good pep talk as well as a good tongue lashing. People are going to mess up, they are going to test boundaries. It is the way we learn. Be sure to encourage your fellow teammates when they have been especially successful at completing a task. Sometimes you will have one bad apple or perhaps on rare occasion an entire team of people who don’t seem to be there for the job, but rather just want a paycheck. In these situations it is important you have conversations about how when the company does well they get paid more either via tips or raises down the line. Communication is key when working in any type of team environment. When you have someone pushing the boundaries by coming in late, or slacking off and attempting to push their work onto others it is important to pull them to the side and explain why this is hurtful not only to the company, but themselves. When you have a team every link in the chain has to work at its full potential otherwise tensions rise and people are hurt.

Delegating as a Leader:

There is always work to be done. You as the leader can not handle everything on your own. Just as you can’t do everything yourself you should not expect your team to do there jobs and your job. When in a leadership role and feeling overwhelmed consider the work load of your fellow team mates what can be rearranged. Maybe you need to give someone else one of your larger tasks and take over one or two of their smaller tasks so you have the time to do the rest of what you need to do. Perhaps someone isn’t quite capable of doing one of the tasks you had previously provided them. Do not be afraid to move tasks around between teammates and yourself as long as the job gets done and is done right it doesn’t matter who does it. Also respect your team understand that they are not under you to do all of your work, they are their to support you and the work that you do. Leaders are paid more because they have the hard job of making sure that the job gets done either by themselves or someone else. If you do not have some one who is available to do the job and it needs to be done now, you better get to stepping and do that job.

Putting your foot down as  a Leader:

Your teammates do not need to be abused, over worked, or harassed by their fellow workers. If you have a teammate who is consistently causing problems by either showing up late, pawning work onto someone else, or simply poking and poking at someone until they loose it. It is your responsibility to talk to and assess the problem with this individual. If talking, warnings, and changing of the situation does not result in a change you must then consider if this is a person worth keeping. If you don’t have control of getting rid of someone who is beneath you, and you have used all your options of resolving the issue on your own it may be time to go up the chain of command. It is important to do your business of communicating and attempting to resolve all issues on your own before going up the chain.

Do you work in a leadership role? Are you responsible for the mistakes that your team makes? How do you handle it when your team fails?  Share in the comments below.