Leeann Minton: Virtual Assistance officially launched in July 2018, however the founder Brittany Gregory has been working as a virtual assistant or in house assistant since 2006. Tired of not being able to pay the bills on her full time customer service job alone, she took the plunge into virtual assistant work full time.

She started by turning her personal wordpress blog into a business website, she followed that up by signing two new clients, and used the income earned to purchase her business license and to get a couple of certifications that would blow her resume out of the water.

She took her website live and purchased a set of business cards and gave them to everyone she thought may need a virtual assistant or at least know someone who did. Brittany has big crazy goals for her company, a love for helping others succeed, and a dream to become a powerhouse site for U.S based businesses and U.S based parents looking to find that perfect work/home life balance.

By January 2019 Brittany hopes to expand Leeann Minton: Virtual Assistance by 150%. She is looking to have 10 plus clients, increase available services, and expand her online team from 1 person to 3 or more people.

This is a company you will not want to miss grow, keep track of us via our social media pages, or sign up for our Monthly Blog Post.


©2018 By Leeann Minton: Virtual Assistance

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