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Month 2 with 2

My 2nd son was born two months ago, and let me tell you these first two months have been a whirl-wind of activity. It has required a lot of adjustment.

I am going to follow the same format as I did throughout my eldest son’s first year. I found keeping track of his milestones and my own mental state was a great tactic for my posts and getting out my thoughts. I realize I didn’t really do a post for the first month like I did with my eldest son, however if you have more than one child you understand that first month takes a lot of adjusting. I’m honestly surprised I have the time or energy to pump out this post out.

Mental Health:

Honestly, I feel like having a second baby fixed me. With my first I was so depressed, I was crying and angry all of the time. With this baby, yeah I have had a few crying fits, masks-833421_1280but life around here has been very stressful and I’m pretty sure I would have cried even if I had not just had a baby with some of the things that have been going on. I feel like I have a renewed sense of energy and purpose. I also feel guilt though, because I didn’t feel this way with my first. I feel like I made a lot of mistakes after he was born, because I allowed my depression to control me. However, even with that deep sense of guilt I find myself becoming even more connected with my first born son. He is such a good big brother and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Overall, I’m pretty excited most days, I’m excited about our future, and about this new bundle of squishy joy we have in our lives. I know we still have a long way to go and that Post Partum depression can pop up anytime within the first year of giving birth to a new baby. I’m being diligent and I’m doing my best to stick to a routine and get myself and the boys out of the house regularly. This combined with my daily magnesium supplement seems to really be helping a lot.

How baby is doing:

He is just the most beautiful little squishy thing I have ever laid my eyes on. We learned at around 3 weeks that he is allergic to pork. He had green runny diarrhea poop for about a week after Christmas. We ate ham for Christmas and had it for leftovers most of the week following. The one day I didn’t eat any of the leftover ham his poop started to go back to normal, so I completely avoided all pork for a week and by the end of the week his poop was back to the mustard yellow you want with breastfed babies. His gas issues even cleared up for the most part. The poor little guy also appears to have eczema, which I have been treating with coconut oil. So far so good. He doesn’t sleep well at night, unless he is next to me, which is fine, but I am looking forward to us being able to start sleep training. He doesn’t mind tummy time, though I really should be more consistent with it. (Again working on that routine.)

How Brother is adjusting:

My son’s baby Charles Joseph, and Wesley Dominique.

Wesley has his good and bad days. There are days when he really wants attention and gets into everything and wants to help with everything. I am working really hard with him on providing things for him to do to be helpful as well as making sure he gets individualized attention and social interaction with other children his age. He really seems to love his little brother and asks to hold him at least once a day. I usually place brother in his arms, while I support his head for a couple of minutes until Wesley becomes bored and then I take him back. This whole experience of finding new things for my eldest to do, both while breastfeeding and changing diapers has been an interesting one. I am learning so many new tricks as a mom in terms of multi-tasking.

Life as a Breastfeeding Mama:

This go round I feel like an expert. My milk came in pretty quickly, thanks to Pineapple juice and oatmeal cookies. I also don’t get engorged as often, however I feel like I am leaking a lot more. It seems every hour or two I’m having to grabbaby-21167_1280 a burp cloth or towel and shove it down my shirt to keep from turning my floors into a sticky milk mess. So many mama’s talk about their issues with under supply, and I really wish I could collect all the milk that I feel gets wasted into my clothes and onto my floor, because I feel like I could feed an army of rugrats with the amount that leaks from me constantly. I also can’t wear a bra, because I can’t find one that will still fit me a week later after I have bought it, being well endowed with both milk and boobs definitely has its cons. My plan this time was to do more baby wearing to make feeding on the go or while I did other things easier. I have mastered the newborn setting of my k-tan and wear Charles on most outings, he really seems to love it and it definitely makes feeding on the go easier. All around I am really starting to love and enjoy breastfeeding and am starting to understand what other mothers mean about the breastfeeding bond.

circle-304524_1280Tips and Tricks:

  • I had two in diapers for most of the past two months, we have started potty training so hopefully we will be only buying diapers for one very shortly. What I learned about having two in diapers is its best to change the eldest diaper first, because theirs tend to be messier as they are eating a more solid diet and the blowout from that could be tragic.
  • Coconut oil is very helpful with eczema on babies.
  • When you have one kid who is no longer breastfeeding and one who is, make sure the one who isn’t breastfeeding has a meal or snack already waiting for them when you feed during the day. If they have already eaten make sure they have an activity to distract them.

So do you have any tips for raising two boys? I’d love to read them, share in the comments below.