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2018 New Years Goals

January 17th was National Ditch New Years Resolutions Day. I have repeatedly made goals only to find that come May I have either completely given up, forgotten, or just found myself complete sidetracked. This year I made goals instead of resolutions. I’m even following a couple of New Years Goal email courses. One of the common themes of the Goal Crushing courses I signed up for determine your word of the year. This year my word is Focus, so often I find myself sidetracked away from my goals. This year I am determined to see them through. I even created goals for my husband and I’s relationship and my eldest son Wesley.

Word of the Year:


For so long I have been unmotivated, unfocused, and just drowning. This year I’m determined to keep my mind focused on the future ahead. Focused on getting us out of Debt, focused on moving forward. Focused on getting my family to a healthier and happier place.

I followed the Best Week Ever email course by Ruth Soukup this year and created a list of Goals for my life. The theme behind all these goals do it scared. (Ruth Soukup is one of my blogging super hero’s she inspires me to be both a better mom and blogger every time I read her posts.)


I created 7 life goals and 4 goals for the year.

Life Goals:

Become Debt Free

Make enough money on my own so that my husband doesn’t have to work if he doesn’t want to.

Have a big Renaissance wedding

Travel the world

Live in Japan for 2 years

Make enough money so my husband can open a restaurant and I can open a book store as a part of our retirement.

Get my PHD


My 2018 Goals:

Maintain good mental health- this will help our finances in that it will provide me the energy and will to save not spend as well as to work extra hard to bring in an income.

Have monthly budget meetings- this will put my husband and I on the same page in regards to our finances, creating less argument, aiding in positive mental health and allow us to set goals for our debt free stretch goal.

Maintain good physical health- by keeping myself healthy I have more time and energy to put towards making money. This ultimately means showering regularly, changing my clothes, brushing my hair and teeth, taking my vitamins, drinking plenty of water, drinking hot lemon water in the morning, eating breakfast, doing yoga, and getting outside.

Establish and get into a routine- a regular routine will ensure I have the time to clean, cook, play with/care for the kids, work, and care for my health. A regular routine ensure that everything can and does get done.

If I do nothing outside of establishing a routine this year then I will have achieved the bare minimum of all of my goals. Establishing a consistent routine is the most basic first step to accomplishing all my goals for this year and future years down the line.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I had also created goals for my partner and eldest son Wesley.


Goals for my son:

Turn juice into a treat, not an everyday beverage. We are actually doing well with this since the New Year. Juice is not an everyday, and on the days it does happen he gets no more than 2 water downed cups.

Get him potty trained during the day. He is definitely showing signs of being ready and will be three in July. We are planning to start potty training in February, hopefully we will be fully daytime potty trained by the end of the year.

My son loves his wubby an animal attached to a pacifier. I am really hoping that we can get rid of it for everything, but naptime and bedtime if not all together before the year is up. After all that thing is getting disgusting. I just need to be proactive about hiding it during the day.

Get Wesley socialized. He has not spent a lot of time with other kids his age and I feel he really needs the opportunity to start making human friends. He is currently best friends with our dog, and I really wish he had a better role model than a creature that eats of the floor, licks their own butt, and barks at random sounds.

A lot of the goals for my son will be accomplished via creating a routine.

I also have goals for my marriage, at least one of the goals for our relationship is also one of my 2018 goals. The rest will again be accomplished with a routine.


Goals for my marriage:

Once a month date night.

Weekly cuddle/communication sessions 3 times a week minimum.

Weekly budget checkins

Monthly budget meetings

I have big goals for this year, but ultimately I feel they are within the realm of possibility. I didn’t create any big weightloss goals, or even say I want to be out of debt this year. After all I know it is unlikely for me to get out of debt 100% this year unless I somehow manage a big break or get a routine setup that allows me to complete a level of work that can make me 150 k by the end of the year. (My debt is not quiet that high, but I imagine that is the type of money I would need in order to not only pay off all of my debt, but also to support my family in the process.)

Do you have any goals you have set for this year? Share them in the comments below.


1 thought on “2018 New Years Goals”

  1. Hi Leeann, I enjoyed reading your goals for the 2018, especially your life goals. I think they’re all very worthy and it’s telling that some of them are to benefit your husband over yourself. Your other goals are very practical and don’t sound all that different from mine. Like you, I want to be mentally and physically healthy. I’ve been working on establishing a routine to help me get more done. That means cooking big batches of food on the weekend to last throughout most of the week. It’s saved me a lot of time trying to scramble for dinner on weeknights. And it’s freed up time to work out, going back to improving my mental and physical well-being.

    I think it’s really cute that the dog is your son’s best friend. They probably have the sweetest bond. I’m biased though because I love animals. I hope you’re content with your year so far, whether or not moving towards your goals.

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