Job Search 101: The Perfect Resume

So last week I talked about how to find a job, this week I want to give you some information about how to format a resume. I will break it down into four sections: header, education, skills, and experience.


You want to make sure your header is bold, so that it immediately grabs their attention. You want them to remember your name. Your header should include your name (first and last), phone number, and email address. Make sure your email is one you check regularly, also avoid using an email with anything inappropriate or that makes you sound like a kid (it just seems unprofessional).


Below your header in bold letters include education, skills, and experience. In regular font include where you went to school. If you went to college don’t worry about putting down your high school information if you didn’t go to college then be sure to include your high school info. If you have any other certifications include these under education.


Below education include skills. Skills can be a variety of things from organized, to proficient in Microsoft Office and/or Excel. Use bullet points and lists if necessary. Keep computer related skills together, organizational related skills, and skills regarding interpersonal interactions. You will likely need three bullet points.


Include all jobs that relate to the one you are looking to find. With each job list the Name of the business, and in italics below put your job title. Next to the business name include the dates of your employment. If you currently work their put when you started dash current. Beneath the dates include your basic job requirements especially any that pertain to the job you are attempting to get. Use no more than 3 bullet points here as well.

Finally, keep the resume to one page, anything over one page no one is going to read. You want to make sure your resume is easy to skim for the pertinent information. Make sure you use only 12 point times new roman font. Make sure the paper is not creased, you do not need expensive paper to make the resume look better.


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