Ditch New Years Resolutions

The average person will likely give up on their New Years Resolutions by the 17th of January. I have a theory about this. Many of us develop New Years Resolutions about loosing weight, quitting smoking, or getting out of debt. However, come mid month the shame of the holidays sinks in as the credit card , and utility bills arrive. We realize we over spent  and now we have no idea how we are ever going to pay for it. That or we stress because it means extra hours at the office or giving up that morning Starbucks or date night, because we can’t afford a sitter for at least two months until this bill is paid off.

As I pondered my theory I realized that stress causes many of us to go to our comfort zones. We return to smoking  even though we can’t afford it. We skip the gym, and nurse our wounds while eating Ben & Jerry’s  as we binge watch Netflix anything to keep us from thinking about that horrible piece of bad news in our mailbox or inbox. We gave up on getting out of debt because its just too hard.

I’ve definitely been sitting pretty in the its too hard category for a lot longer than I should have been. As a result of developing this theory, I spent some time traversing the maze of Pinterest looking for the 5 easiest ways to get started on fixing your little piece of bad news and saving money to help get you out of debt. Bonus for those of you who can’t afford that gym membership you were so looking forward to. To loose weight or just to get fit I also have 3 tips to getting healthy without spending a dime.

5 Ways to start Saving Money and Start Getting Yourself Out of Debt

Trick #1: 365 Day Penny Challenge

You can start this challenge today with just $1.53, tomorrow add 18 more cents, the next day 19 cents. Every day this year add the amount of pennies for the day of the year. On December 31st you will add $3.64 (unless its a leap year, which 2017 is not then it would be $3.65).

Trick #2: 2 Liter Dime Challenge

A 2 liter bottle holds about $700 worth of dimes. Anytime you get a dime, or find a dime place it in a 2 liter bottle. By the time it is full you will have saved around $700.

Trick #3: $30 for 36 weeks

Save $30 every week for 36 weeks and you will end up with $1,080. Think about this $30 a week that’s 3 fast food meals, 4 trips to Starbucks, or 4 packs of cigarettes. If you have any of those naughty habits then it will be easy to find $30 every week. If not, consider this that’s $120 a month you are wanting to save. Can you cut your budget anywhere, maybe your grocery bill? Get rid of cable? Do this and you will have enough money to cover all those Christmas presents you just bought, or at the very least you will have enough money to buy this years Christmas presents.

Trick #4: 3 different ways to save $1,000

$1,000 by Christmas

30 days to $1,115

$1,000 in 52 weeks

Trick #5: 52 weeks to $2,756

Save the 2 time the week of the year. So week one save $2, week 52 save $104. Don’t worry about doing the weeks in order either. If you have a really good month and happen to be able to cross of weeks 52, 51, 50, and 49 go for it. Just make sure each week is marked off before the end of the year.

My 5 Get Healthy Tips

#1 YouTube is your friend

There are so many free youtube work outs to choose from. If you are a big fan of yoga you can easily find any type of yoga session for free via youtube. I personally enjoy doing a ten minute morning wake up session and a ten minute evening warm down session. Just type in ten minute yoga morning, or ten minute yoga evening.

#2 Drink more water

Drinking water is an easy get healthy goal. Simply bring a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go. Frequently fill it up using a water pitcher or straight from the tap. There is no easier way to loose weight and get fit than by drinking more water.

#3 Meal Plan

Use this site to help you put together a shopping list, find easy recipes, and even see what is on sale at your local shopping market. I even wrote a blog article way back in 2015 on four sites to inspire you while deciding what’s for dinner. Check  out that article by clicking here.

If these awesome 8 tips don’t re-inspire you to start working hard towards your New Years Resolutions, then maybe it is time to re-evaluate your New Years Resolutions. Break them down into more manageable bite size pieces or come up with new goals ones that are more realistic for your drive. Did you perhaps make too many goals, maybe just pick one to focus on this year.

Tell me did any of these tips re-inspire you towards giving your resolutions another shot?


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