Kinnectpay’s New Years’ Resolutions

All week I have been talking about my New Years’ Resolutions and if you hadn’t noticed for the past couple of months I’ve been bringing you a post once a week sponsored by this great company. You will be seeing many more of these in the Year to come. They are my biggest financial backers here at Questions of an Aging Millennial and the work they are doing is even cooler. If you haven’t joined up already you should definitely consider doing so in the New Year. Next week I will be bringing you a post with all the amazing things they are bringing to the site in the New year so please stay tuned.

I asked my fellow team mates at Kinnectpay what their new years resolutions were and this is what they had to say.

Joel Usher is the CEO and founder of Kinnectpay a true entrepreneur and devout family man Joel had this to say both to the members of the Kinnectpay team, and my readers here.

“I have many goals and lots of optimism for the upcoming New Year. With so much responsibility sometimes it feels as though you’re stretched too thin, like not enough butter on toast.

Therefore, my personal resolution is to make sure to live a more balanced life by focusing on quality of time in my spirit, with my family, and myself physically. You can never devote an equal amount of time to each endeavor but you can maximize the quality of the amount of time while in each endeavor.
My business resolution is simple, to increase revenues while helping others make money. I believe we have a solid system in place to began increasing our revenues through growth while helping others make money.
I declare many blessings over those reading this in 2017 and increase in all aspects of your lives. God bless.”

C.J. Baker is the co-founder and CIO of Kinnectpay. This year he is personally focused on his health. When asked how he plans to work on that he stated the following “For 2017 I want to start running again, and lose 15 pounds and maintain a more fit lifestyle.”

Darren Jones is the Campaign Marketing Manager and in 2017 he is all about improving his personal finances. He has a few goals aimed at reaching for this very common New Years Resolution.

He plans to create a Seven Year Financial Plan (Got to love that lucky number seven!)

Save money 3 Ways

Cook dinner + lunch (no fast food for lunch)

Less habitual spending (1 per month) <<< I like this one

Can’t eat out more than 5 times a month

Jasmine Atkins is one of our event specialists. She is responsible for setting up out Creative Events. You will be seeing more posts regarding these in 2017. Her New Years’ Resolution for this year “is to complete 4 goals each month and to actively get involved with my community. I want to fully embody being the change that I seek.”

Just in case you hadn’t caught one of my many New Year Healthy Me Posts this week as the Senior Communication Liaison at Kinnectpay it is my goal to maintain the writing schedule I have set up for my self in the New Year.

Well that is everyone who sent me their New Years’ Resolutions this year. At Kinnectpay we encourage you to create your New Years’ Resolutions and hope you share either at the bottom in the comments or at the website when you join. Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year. See you in 2017.



My Writing Goals This Year

Yep, I’m back again with another goals post. If you hadn’t gotten the message already the week before the new year I am all about setting goals for the new year. Today’s post it is all about my writing plans.

My blog:

This year I plan to really grow my blog. I will do this by writing at least 5 articles per week Sunday-Saturday. I’ve even got a plan for the types of posts I will do. January is planned from beginning to end. I’m hoping to even have the posts written before January gets here. I started working on my new years posts at the beginning of this month. I even pre-wrote a lot of this months posts. If I can get ahead of the curve I figure I will be more likely to reach my goals no matter what sort of curve balls this next year throws my way.

I have already discussed this in previous posts, but I will also be purchasing the rights to my blog site in the new year. By February 2017 I’m hoping to be able to show a profit income for my blog. My blog currently has just under 100 followers by this time next year it is my goal to have 100 times that number. If I can grow my blog to 10,000 followers within a year I will know that I have found my true calling.

My clients:

Currently I only have one consistent client that I work for. Kinnectpay and I have a great relationship and I’m proud of the money that I make working for them. However, if I want to consider myself a real freelancer I need to make more than just $100 per month. This next year I plan to increase my clientele and to do that I will be re-setting my Fiverr account and giving myself dedicated hours to work exclusively for my Fiverr clients. I wll also be updating the Kinnectpay facebook page three months in advance in order to save myself time every month where I could be focused on other writing tasks.

In addition, to getting setup with Fiverr, I will also be creating posts for Constant Content and locating clients via Craigslist. Constant Content is a website where you can posts articles for sale. I have a list of article ideas that I currently have no clients for, but I’m positive that I could find some good buyers for them via constant content. So my plan is to go down the list and begin posting the articles their for purchase. I figure if I spend one or two hours a week or even a month writing articles specifically for constant content, by the end of the year I should have somewhere between 12 and 52 articles and with that much variety even if they don’t get purchased this year, they may get purchased at a later date down the road.

Creative Writing:

I miss writing creative pieces as a way of getting back into that I am making it a goal this year to apply to at least two short story competitions. Which ones I’m not sure yet, but there are plenty to choose from. I think its a fun way to practice writing and if you win its an extra bonus. In addition, to applying for short story competitions I’m applying for the Nine Dots writing competition. Applications are due January 31st. It requires an essay and an outline for a book. I read about the competition in November and I already had a story idea that fit perfectly within the scope of the competition. As a result I’m applying. All of January is going to be dedicated to my completing the essay and book outline. I will find out if I won in May 2017 and if I do then I will have till the end of the year to complete the book. Whether or not I win I plan to continue working on the book all year long and I will eventually send it off for publication through a different source.

Writing has been my life long dream. It is always what I wanted to do. I feel myself getting better everyday. I’m hoping that by writing everyday this year I see an even bigger improvement.


New Year Healthy Me

I spoke a lot of balance in last years New Years Resolutions posts. For me it is important to maintain balance in all aspects of life. This year I’m focusing my energies on health and finance specifically. My plan is to put all of my energy to improving my health and my families financial situation.


We are aiming for baby number two so beginning January 1st I’m going to start doing everything I need to do to get myself baby ready. That means less caffeine, more exercise, and even healthier eating habits. Also getting on a sleep schedule might help as well. I’m going to need a lot more energy if I’m going to be chasing two little ones around. That means I better start getting myself fit enough to chase them.


I have quiet a number of financial goals this year. We are looking to move closer to family this year so all of our tax returns will be placed in savings for that. We are also going to work on our credit. I’m going to do everything I can to start throwing money at my credit card debt. We are also going to get a credit card for my husband to help build his credit. We will be using credit sesame to help keep track of our credit reports on a regular basis.

I’m going to continue growing my writing business and blog. I will do so by purchasing my blog  rights and posting new articles five times a week. I’m also going to create a video for my Fiverr account and reactivate it so I can increase my clientele. I have a lot of writing goals for this year to hear  more about those goals stay tuned for my Writing Goals Post.


Though my main focus this year will be on Health and Finance I like to maintain a sense of balance and that means I like to have goals for other aspects of my life. This year I’d like to work on my hobbies. I’m not just a writer, I also enjoy reading, dancing, painting, and making jewelry. I’m planning a reading list and working out some time to spend making jewelry and painting. I can likely include dance as part of my work out routine.

To sum it up I have Four  specific resolutions.

#1 Be Healthy

Drink more water/less soda. Do yoga in my living room. Take the baby on a walk 3-4 times a week. Meal plan healthy meals and snacks.

#2 Write Daily

Write/post 5 blog posts per week. Post Kinnectpay posts 2-3 months in advance on facebook. Write my Steampunk Book.

#3 Fix Credit

$60 per week can pay off my credit card bill by this time next year. Probably even sooner.

#4 Read More

I’m going to create a reading list for myself to complete this year. I’m thinking of making this a yearly thing, after all I have so many books and since leaving college I have barely touched any of them. In fact since I found out I was pregnant with my son Wesley I haven’t touched a single one accept the parenting books I bought after. By reading more I can inspire more story ideas and it would provide an extra topic to blog about. I will develop a Hobbies section where I place my book reviews of “fun” books I’ve read. I will also place my jewelry making, craft creations, and even my paintings/artwork.


New Year New Me: 2016 in Review

I re-evaluated my New Years Resolutions mid-year, but after re-reading my post I feel I might have been too hasty in my evaluation. Daniel and I were too far from everything to see what our future really held. So much has happened this year so many changes, so many different windows opened and shut. My New Years Resolutions for this year were to better my health with a workout plan, grow my writing business, better my finances, and build friendships.

Over all my new years resolution was to pull myself up and out of post-pardum depression to find myself again. Even though I didn’t fully meet any of my resolutions I did manage to touch base on each of them.


I never created a workout plan, but I did get into Pokemon Go and find a great way to get myself outdoors. I kind of stepped  away from that in recent months, but I’m planning to get back to it in the New Year. I did manage to improve my eating habits by cooking a lot more. I cooked so much this year that my husband (a chef) began boasting about my cooking to his friends and co-workers. I even bought a white board meal planner for the kitchen.


My writing business hasn’t really grown, but I did recently acquire a promotion from one of my clients. Here in the next couple of months I will be able to sell ad-space and add widgets to my blog. I’m also working on a book proposal for a competition. I successfully increased the variety of topics my blog covers this year. I’ve written more about college and employment this year and I’m planning to write much more on the topics in the New Year.


We did a lot of two steps forward one step back in terms of finances this year, but none the less we did make improvements. Come January we will have paid off nearly $1000 in dept we did that 3 times this year. If we can pay off the same dept 3 times in one year we can most certainly pay off my credit card in the new year. I found a wonderful site for monitoring your credit and locating ways to improve it. Credit Sesame not only allows you to check your credit score it rates it with an A-F letter score and gives you legitimate options for improvement. I’m planning to use this tool to assist my husband and I with fixing our credit enough to finance a vehicle or purchase a house. There’s so much we can’t do thanks to poor credit.


Finally, I feel I succeeded the most with my goal to build and grow new friendships. I got rid of some not so good friends, but I also built some strong friendships as well. I feel I could have still done better at creating new friendships that all comes with time and so much of my time has been spent elsewhere this year.

Stay tuned for my 2017 New Years Resolutions Post.


4 Ways to Give and Get Back this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season can be tough on your wallet. Its a time for giving and expecting nothing in return. However, it can be hard to spend so much money knowing that you will never get anything from it. Okay you get the happy feeling that you did something nice for someone else, but sometimes it would be nice to get something more substantial for the money you spent.

Today I have a list of ways you can give a gift and get something guaranteed in return.

#1 Gift Cards

Many companies will give you something back when you purchase a gift card during the holiday season. Restaurants will often give you a second gift card equal to 10 or 20 dollars when you purchase a gift card of $50 or more from their establishment. This year Papa John’s is giving out a free large pizza when you purchase a $25 gift card. So while your doing all that last minute Christmas shopping this week think about whether anyone on your list would be served well with a gift card. Then make sure you choose a place that rewards you.

#2 Make a donation

It’s your last chance to accumulate some tax write offs. Have extra stuff laying around the house? Donate it to goodwill or the salvation army.Keep track of what you donated so you can itemize it out and get the most out of your tax write offs. Cash donations are also available as a write off. Do you have a favorite charity you give to every year? Be sure to report how much you gave come tax time. It will either lower what you owe in taxes or add a few dollars to that check you receive in the spring.

#3 Use an App

Are you the sort of person who likes to give food and sweets away as gifts? Use the ibotta app or checkout 51. These apps offer cash back options on certain products. Check it out to see what you can get cash back on this week. Whether you shop at H.E.B, Walmart, Kroger, Aldis, or Costco there are offers available for you. They even have cash back opportunities for places like eBay, group-on, Gamestop, Famous Footwear, World Market, and so much much more. If you get your friends to join you can even works towards badges together and receive an extra bit of cash. You can also make extra cash by redeeming multiple rebates within a month. Money back on items you were planning to buy anyway what’s not to love. You can then cash out your earnings to PayPal, Vemo, or a gift card. Minimum cash out is $20.

#4 Shop Online

There are websites that will pay you to shop online. Ebates is the most popular. Some pay out in cash other give you points that transfer into dollars you can have placed on a gift card. Swagbucks goes by the point system. The best part is you can even get money just for signing up, and if your friends join with your referral you can get even more. It is a little late to order gifts online and have them arrive in time for Christmas, but if you don’t need it by Christmas Day it may be a good idea to purchase those gifts online via one of the above mentioned websites.

Bonus Tip:

I know I said I had four ways to give and get back during the holiday season, but being as it is Christmas and all I thought I would share a bonus tip with you. If you give out gifts to clients during the holidays you can use these as tax write offs as well. Also by sending a gift to your clients it keeps them thinking about you come the New Year, and can help you earn more business in the New Year.


This article was sponsored by and contains affiliate links. There is no added cost to you by clicking the link and ultimately by doing so you are just helping to support the continued content of the site. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or if you have a comment to add to the content discussed above please feel free to do so below. Thank you for reading. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


K-Pay Digital Marketing

Kinnectpay is more than just a social networking site. They also offer assistance to small businesses to help them market, advertise,and expand their reach. Joel the CEO and creator of Kinnectpay see’s kinnectpay as a place for individuals to create and grow businesses together.

The marketing department within kinnectpay offers multiple affordable packages for small businesses. As the senior communications liaison for Kinnectpay I’m responsible for writing articles and performing interviews on the companies that join Kinnectpay. The marketing team is made up of 4 different parts.

Kinnectpay Online Magazine and Blog:

The blog has been up and running from the start, but in March 2017 Kinnectpay will also be launching an online business magazine. The magazine will be an added bonus for businesses to get their name out their. The magazine will contain interviews with business owners and advertisements for businesses that have joined the kinnectpay team.

Social Media:

The Kinnectpay team has people dedicated to posting via facebook, twitter, and instagram for all companies that join the kinnectpay team. Posts via social networking sites outside of the Kinnectpay site are posted 3 times a day 5 days a week. In addition, by signing up for any of the packages your company will receive one, two, or three month access to the kinnectpay website for free. is a social networking site that pays its members. By joining the site you receive a special code and when you get others to join you receive $1 for every month they are apart of the site. For more information on how the site works see my article here.

Radio Advertisement:

We have our own online radio station. I don’t know any social networking site that has a radio station dedicated to it. Jaclyn Zuckerman is the host and she frequently interviews small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives like Executive Producer of Saved by the Bell Peter Engel.

Website Development/ Content Creation:

Kinnectpay has people that can build your website and create content for it. Yours truly included, as the Senior Communications Liaison it is my responsibility to write and edit the majority of the written content for Kinnectpay. From start to finish or middle to finish. No matter what state your business is in Kinnectpay can help you in marketing and building a network. Whether you come to us with no followers or a million we will find a way to help your business continue to grow. There is no task too big or small. Kinnectpay has a dedicated and driven team.

Creative Events:

Finally, Kinnectpay hosts conferences almost every month. You can attend or even be a sponsor of one of these events. The events usually host a business speaker, and provide the opportunity to network with other business owners and entrepreneurs. Tickets even include a free beverage or two. For an example of what one of these events might look like check out my article regarding November 2016’s event here.

This article was sponsored by



Five Things to Do For Your Business Before the New Year

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family. It is also a time for preparing for the new year. That means looking back at what worked and what didn’t.

board-1097118_1920Examine what went right this year.

I always like to look at the bright side of things. I think it is important to look at the positives that took place this year. What were the positives that took place with your business. Did you have a really good month? Did you land a big client? Did you successfully launch a new product? How did you manage to acquire that success. My big success this year was in increasing the variation in the topics that I covered on my blog. I managed to do this by creating a large list of different ideas centered around each topic. I continued to do this throughout the year, writing down every idea that came into mind. I found it was easier to log into my blog site and create a draft for each new idea that I came up with. It made it a lot easier to plan and get writing.

peas-580333_1920Examine where you could have improved this year. How will you change this in 2017.

I feel I could have done better not only with promoting my site, but also with finding more clients to write for. It is good to examine the places where your business was lacking. Did you have a product that didn’t sell so well. Did you loose clients? Did you have a month that did not do so well? Maybe you had a very steady year with no real catastrophes or issues. What could you have done to make it a better year? In the new year I plan on improving my site promotion, by updating my facebook page daily. I update the Kinnectpay facebook 12 times a day five days a week. My plan is to do something similar  only I’m thinking of updating my site four or five times a day at first five days a week. Over time I might consider updating it more often.

I’m going to look for more writing clients by re-launching my fiverr account and creating a video to use as advertisement on the site. I’m planning to set at least two days a  week focused on completing work for fiverr. In addition to locating work via Fiverr I will also search for work via craigslist once a week and keep an eye out for any interesting writing competitions.

calculator-428294_1920Develop an expense sheet.

Every company should have an expense sheet. What  will you need to purchase for the company. What overhead will you have to pay this year? My overhead is simple in the past its been practically nothing a notebook here, an e-book purchase there. All in all my costs have been minimal at best. This year however, I’m purchasing the rights to my blog it will cost me about $100. I have a few other purchases planned as well including business cards, and a file of motivational memes I can use to help increase traffic flow to my facebook page. I use Googles spread sheets to keep track of my monthly income from Kinnectpay and other sources.

target-1747236_1920Develop a plan of action.

Plan your year in advance. What does your week to week or month to month look like in the New Year. As a blogger my plan of action for this year is to  write more often, update my social networking sites, and to reopen my fiverr account. As a small business owner you might have plans to expand or maybe you want to test out  a new marketing tool. Whatever goals you have set for the new year come up with ways of reaching those goals. Create small goals that build you up to your bigger goals.

suit-453476_1280Develop a marketing Strategy.

There are so many ways to market your business. Know your clientele  and you will have the best way by which to market your business. Some businesses will do better being marketed via social media, others stand a better chance via multi-media (i.e videos and images). There is a social networking site for just about every type of business from a housekeeping to app development there is something out their for everyone. No matter what type of business you own. If you are looking for a social networking site where you can work together with other small business owners while also gaining a base for clientele I definitely recommend using Kinnectpay the only social networking site that pays you to “kinnect.”

This article was sponsored by What types of things do you do to prepare your business for the new year? Let me know in the comments below.