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4 Signs of a Good Business Owner

Small business ownership has definitely made a come back in the past decade or so. With the internet and social networking the world is  our oyster and you can find a market for just about anything these days as long as you have the Drive, Flexibility, Passion, and Communication skills to sell your product and/or skill set. There is really no limit to what you can do as a small business owner. One man recently went on the Television show Shark Tanks to sell his idea of selling stick drawings of cats. After his debut on the show he received nearly a million order requests at $10 a drawing he made bank. How to know if you can make it as a small business owner.


Do you have drive? Are you Goal oriented? Do you have a reason motivating you to keep moving forward despite the road blocks, lack of sleep, and hard work you will most definitely be putting in? If you want to be a small business owner the first thing you need to understand is that it takes a lot of work to build a business, no one captures success in a day, it is done by trial and error and with lots of hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years of hard work. My blog has been up and running for almost two years and I have yet to make a dime directly related to my blog. The money I have made from writing is small. However, a lot of trial and error took place. I have learned so much in the last two years and I  am sure that come next year I will see bigger and better results of my labor.

Kinnectpay has been working towards its goal of a website that pays people to connect for a number of years as well. This year they went live and have started hosting monthly events to bring notice to the website. In time they will grow as well. Kinnectpay aims to assist small businesses reach their goals by providing marketing campaigns, motivation, and camaraderie between small business owners. It is important to set goals for yourself when starting a new business. The goals she not only outline goals for your business, but goals for how the business will help you out either financially, spiritually, or even health wise. There are so many reasons to go into business for yourself some people do it so they can spend more time with their children, others do it to help get themselves out of debt. Others feel a spiritual calling to the work that they are doing. Finally, some are not in good enough health to maintain a 9-5 job. It may be they have anxiety, or that they are in and out of the hospital/ Dr’s offices to often. What ever your reason for starting your own small business keep it in mind as you create and develop your goals.


It is important that when you are running your small business whether you are doing it along side a full time job at an office or as a parent that you make the necessary time your business needs in order to flourish. As a parent it can be easy to allow your children to take up all of your waking hours, but its important that when running your own business you find and use every minute wisely. If that email needs to get sent out this morning and can’t wait the 30-40 minute morning routine you have with your little one, then let the little one sit in the crib for ten extra minutes while you write and send that email. Do you have 3 posts to write in a week or three orders to fill before the week is up and its only Monday? I’m not saying to complete ignore your other responsibilities, but if you need to find someone to watch your little one for an hour or so while you work do it. If you need to just stick them in their play pen with cartoons while you work do it.

It is important to find extra time in all aspects of your day. Currently Kinnectpay is working on a way to assist your with saving time on your marketing by updating the site so that all posts that you make on their website will automatically be updated to your other social networking accounts if you choose. Once the update has been completed and confirmed I will post an article providing more information. There are many ways to work out a good routine for your day to day activities related to your business. Some small businesses may find it better to keep a routine like 9-5, but others may have better luck with an evening routine or a fractured routine that changes by the month. It is important to know how to prioritize and use your time in order to be a successful small business owner.


You will not have a successful business if you do not love what you are doing. You must be passionate about your work. Passion provides you with your Drive and helps you to develop and reach goals you had previously thought beyond your capabilities. If you do not love the business you are getting into then eventually it will seem like work or any other job. So when decided what type of small business to start choose something that brings you joy. Do you love writing? Starting a blog or becoming a freelance writer or editor could be small business for you. Do you enjoy sewing, baking, crochet, what about gardening? As I mentioned earlier one man manages to make a living selling stick figure cat pictures.

Is there a need in your community, that you feel you can really fill? If your community needs something and you have a means of filling it that just might be the business you should develop and create. Kinnectpay was originally developed by Joel Usher because he felt that social networking users should be able to make a profit off of their social networking habit. Social networking sites are free because they sell the information provided by their users to  other businesses. They follow your history and sell advertising space to businesses that relates to  your search and check in histories. Joel felt that in and individuals personal information was being used to make money part of that money should go back to the individual. Joel is passionate about making Kinnectpay the leading social networking site one day.


You can not gain support, or customers without communicating and networking for your business. Good communication skills can make or break a business, you must be willing to call strangers, email people, and introduce yourself face to face with other individuals. If you are not comfortable with communicating with others or if you often find yourself not coming across how you intended to then starting your own business could prove difficult.

It is important when running a small business that you stay in communication with not just everyone involved, but your customer base as well. A great way to do that is via social networking. Updating your networking sites regularly will provide you more web activity and increase your sales as a result. If you want assistance in expanding your social network reach consider joining Kinnectpay.com today.


This post was sponsored by Kinnectpay.com

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Babies cannot tell you what their wants are, so trying to decide on Christmas presents might prove difficult. A good rule of thumb at any age is want, need, read, wear. Find an item for each and you have at least four good presents.

Newborn- 1 year:

Read: Hard books or cloth books are good for little ones all the way to age 3. Baby might be little, but its good to start reading early. Find a few hard covers that were your favorites when you were a kid and start reading.

Wear: Babies grow out of clothes quick, buy baby a few articles of clothing that are one or two sizes bigger than he/she is currently.

Newborn-3 months:

Want: At this stage they are really just laying there sleeping, eating, and pooping. Get them some tummy time toys, a key ring, stuffed animal, or o-ball are all good options for this stage.

Need: Is there something that would make taking care of baby easier i.e a swing, bouncer, play mat that you did not get at your baby shower. Go ahead and get it now, even if its something like a play pen which you probably won’t be needing until babies mobile. Baby proofing supplies like a baby gate and cupboard locks are good options too.

3-6 months:

Want: At this point your little one is probably rolling from back to belly. This was my little one last year. They are probably also getting used to sitting and have some head control. Last year we got our little one a kids singing piano, and a singing farm. Friends bought him a slide with a car that slides down it. He also got one of those weird balls with all the different sliding things on it. He was also given books, and clothes.

Need: Last year we had not yet purchased a high chair by the time Christmas came along. He was just a few weeks away from being ready to eat other foods besides just breast milk, we went ahead and bought Wesley a high chair at that point. If you don’t already have one this might be the time to purchase one. I also came across a really good deal on a bob stroller at a Pawn shop. We already had a stroller, but this stroller worked out way better than the one we had originally purchased. If you don’t have a stroller, or a baby carrier and feel its a necessity this Christmas may be the excuse you need to splurge a little on your new little one.

6-9 months

Want: By now your little is likely crawling and if not they will be soon. Your child is already fascinated by their world, pay attention to what captures their attention. You will be amazed at the kid friendly toys available out their. My son for instance was fascinated with the remote around this point and so I went and I bought him a kids remote. He is pretty good now about keeping his hands off mine. Its a great distraction away from what it yours. Does your little have a fascination with your laptop, phone, purse, shoes? Get them something similar that they can play with safely. Amazon has an amazing collection with a ton of ideas.

Need: My beautiful son grew out of his carseat around this time, thank goodness tax returns came otherwise I don’t know how we would have been able to afford the carseat upgrade we had to make. Now all children grow at different rates so very likely this is not an issue yet. However, consider your future finances. Is their something your child is going to need down the line here soon?

9-12 months:

Want: Your child likely is not walking yet, but they are certainly working their way around and getting into everything. By now you can see a quirk or two emerging. My little one loves music and sound. For his birthday we got him bongos, and a bag of blocks as he seemed to enjoy playing with them at our neighbors. We also got him a big fire engine that your can build the large lego blocks on. It was super cheap at a local thrift store. Don’t be afraid to buy the toys used, especially since many of the toys you get might be played with for a short period of time, before they become boring.

Need: If you are looking forward to your little person walking their are many different types of walker options out their. Now this is less of a need and more of a parenting choice. Some feel walkers are unsafe. I did not purchase my son his walker until he was 15 months, because I was unsure if it was worth it. Within three days he was walking on his own. I got it because I knew from experience that my son can be a little lazy. He refused to crawl at first preferring to roll everywhere, until my husband put pillows in his way making him realizing he couldn’t always get around like that. My little one is a walking machine now.

12-18 months:

Want: This year my son is getting a fake children’s smart phone, and some stacking blocks. I’m considering a few other toys as well, but they are mainly educational. His one want for this year is the children’s phone.

Need: We have covered most of the needs at this point, but with him beginning to walk I’m thinking the next need is going to be shoes, especially for when we take him to the park and little rocks and glass are sometimes littered on the ground.

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Christmas Tree Safety

There are multiple ways to have a safe Christmas tree. Some people create a two  dimensional one on the wall that children are able to move the ornaments around on.



Check out this cool sample from Cheryl Spagenberg’s blog “that’s what she said.”



Others put a small one on an out of the way table. There are a number of options on amazon. Some come decorated, others without decoration allowing you to personalize it to your personal style. The best part about this option is when your kids are old enough to trust around a large Christmas tree you can use this little one for the kids bedroom or playroom.


There are of course individuals like myself who keep with the big tree tradition. A few options for keeping your baby safe around the traditional Christmas tree.

#1: A fake tree is safer, as needles won’t be all over the house for the baby to find and attempt to eat.

#2 Keep all breakable/glass ornaments off the bottom of the tree (better yet invest in some shatter proof ornaments).

#3 Make sure all wires are protected and safely put away where baby can’t grab them.

#4 Never leave baby alone in the room with the tree. If you must leave the room, make sure baby is in a play pen or other safe place that they can not escape from. (High chair, bouncer, or swing are all good examples of a safe place for baby. Properly strapped in of course.)

Wishing you a happy holiday season. Please let me know of any other holiday hazard concerns and how you protect your little one in the comments below.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Review

I was in elementary when I saw my first Harry Potter movie, it was premier night for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I never missed a midnight showing after that. Yesterday November 17, 2016 I maintained tradition and attended the Premier Showing for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. The theater was packed, it was a sold out show.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has everything you would ever want in a movie. There’s comedy, thrill, drama, suspense, and action. Whether you are an individual who loves Harry Potter or someone who has never seen it/read the books (how you can’t have at least watched the movies I don’t even know.) you will absolutely love the movie.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a tale showcasing a three day excursion through New York City chasing down magical creatures. Set in the 1920s the historical accuracy is impressive and the special effects are focused where it should be on the magic and the action packed scenes of magical creatures destroying the city. The back story was kept to a minimal and the creatures were well developed and absolutely beautiful.


How did the film keep with the story line?

It showcased a small part of the back story of a time before Harry Potter and before Dumbledore was Headmaster at Hogwarts. Unfortunately for anyone who was hoping that Dumbledore would show up he does not.

Did it feel like you were watching a Harry Potter movie?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a story set apart from the world of Harry Potter, taking place in the U.S it is on a completely different playing field. However, it 100% keeps with the magic, beauty, and romance of the original world.The best part about the movie is there are absolutely no cliff hangers it was wrapped up with a perfect bow.

Were people dressed up?

So most hard core Harry Potter nerds will find any excuse to dawn their capes and Hogwarts gear. Though not near as many people were dressed up for this premier showing as I had seen while attending the Harry Potter movies, people were definitely dressed up. It was a much older young adult crowd from previous years. However, when I consider the fact that I will be turning 25 this Monday November 21st I can begin to see where the group comes from.


My husband and I went to see the film at Alamo Draft House in Austin, TX we caught the 10:10pm showing I was in no way compensated for reviewing this film and am simply sharing my wonderful movie experience for any fans who were considering going to watch the film. I must say I was a bit apprehensive about going to see this movie I knew it would go one of two ways it would either be amazing or a complete failure. I’m happy to say J. K Rowling never disappoints and she did an amazing job with this film.

Let me know what you thought about the film in the comments below.

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3 Ways to Stay Motivated when Running a Small Business

Running a small business can be stressful and begrudging at times. When you run a business it can be difficult to know where to start, or how to keep going. Staying motivated in the early days of business set up is key to making your dreams come true.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated when Running a Small Business

Remember Your Purpose

Why did you start your business? Was it to get out of debt, to solve a problem, to help someone in need? People start small businesses for many reasons. I started my writing business to help with bills. Joel Usher started kinnectpay because he felt it was unfair that Facebook made all this profit off of everybody-else’s “Kinnections.” What ever your purpose for creating your business remember it, look back and make sure you are following the path you set and created for yourself. If for whatever reason you are not following that path, think about how you can get back to that path.

Create a mission statement, when you create a mission statement for your business it gives you something to look upon when you are needing to make big decisions. Whether you are just a little contract writer, a real estate agent, or a CEO to a website making a mission statement even if its only something you yourself will ever see can be a productive way of sticking to your main priority.

Get Organized

It’s amazing how much organizing your computer files or desk space can motivate you to do more work. When you declutter your work space you can find all the energy you needed to resolve the big issue that was buzzing around your head. Organizing the physical often times allows you to organize the incomprehensible musings running around in your head.

Another great way to help motivate yourself is to design a schedule centered around the times of day when you are at your best. For instance if you are most creative in the later part of the day and you are a blogger than that should be the time where you do your brainstorming and or writing. If you have a lot of energy in the mornings and a need to get things done, that is when you should do the tasks you hate the most, because you have more energy to do them. If you wait to do the things you hate during the part of the day when you have absolutely no energy you are less likely to complete those tasks. For example if you hate writing emails, but it is an essential part of your business then you should do it when you have the most energy to get things done, that way you are more likely to complete the task and then move on to something you enjoy like creating the bits and bobs that you sell on your etsy account.

Make a Plan

Sometimes we have so many ideas and so many things we have to do in a given day it just seems better to hit the ground running and not stop until we hit a brick wall or our pillow at 3am. However,when you stop and take the time to develop a step by step plan not only for your day, but for your entire business make up you will find that less things get stopped or missed.

Create a business plan. When you have a business plan that covers every aspect of your business including marketing, development, production, budget. There are so many aspects to every business from what platform you are going to sell on to when you will have the time to do everything you need to do. It can be difficult to stay motivated when every time you turn around their is something else you have to do or to fix. If you have a business plan you will have a better idea of what all needs to be done, not just every day, but every month and every year.

Staying motivated while running a small business can be hard. It is important to maintain motivation by establishing a foundation and if you already have your business off the ground, but never did one of the above steps understand that it is not too late to go back and do them now even after your business has already been shot off the ground. In fact, it is important for every business to review the above three items at least twice a year no matter how successful the business is. Keep yourself motivated create a mission statement, review the statement and consider how every choice you make for your business fits within that statement. Create a schedule, don’t just skate through the day getting only what is thrown into your lap done, get the important stuff done even without it falling into your lap. Make a business plan when you have a plan its a lot easier to know what it is you need to be doing with your time and creating a daily schedule is a lot easier as well if you know what is priority.

How do you stay motivated as a small business owner? Tell me in the comments below.

This blog post was sponsored by Kinnectpay.com the social networking site that pays you to connect.

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My 100th Post

I can’t believe I’ve written 100 posts. It’s been an amazing ride with lots of changes, both to the blog and within my life. I look forward to writing more in the upcoming days, weeks, and months as well as next year. I’ve been amazingly inspired recently since returning home. My husband is making the same on his own as we both did working together. Now everything I make is just money for the savings account. This is important considering we need to find a way to replace our vehicle.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite articles.

3 Ways I pick up Extra Money

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The Unobtainable Goal

Let me know what you think about my page, the content, and let me know what you would like to see more of. I’m looking forward to writing another 100, 200, and 500 posts.

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Creative Events: Kinnectpay.com

Earlier this year I wrote a post regarding a new social networking site Kinnectpay.com. The website is dedicated towards helping small business owners and individuals who want to make money networking. Kinnectpay pays you for bringing friends to the site. For more information please review my blog post Make the Leap into Social Networking.

Kinnectpay offers a host of small business marketing opportunities including Creative Events. This months creative event takes place on November 10th from 7-9 pm at Radio Milano in Houston, TX.

Every event hosts a dynamic speaker sharing ideas and educating entrepreneurs on how to improve their skills and grow their business. Erselette Baxter is a Senior accountant passionate about aiding people towards meeting their financial goals.

Each ticket comes with a free cocktail as well as a choice of a glass of white or red wine. The event is set up to provide an opportunity to mix and mingle with other small business owners and marketing execs. Kinnectpay provides marketing assistance including facebook and twitter updates, blog post and website content creation. They also offer the option for radio advertisements on there internet radio site.

This event is a great opportunity for those wanting to practice their networking skills or for those small business owners looking for some assistance in marketing their business. Whether you are a freelance writer, etsy seller, fiver contractor, landscape artist, or real estate agent having a large network of people you can connect with will allow you to expand your business.

Tickets are $30 and buy you the opportunity to meet some great people enjoy some great adult refreshments and listen to an amazing motivational speaker. For tips on how to work a networking event click here.

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The Harry Potter Generation

Every generation has its fandom, for the baby boomers it was Star Trek, Generation Xer’s had Star Wars, Millennials we have Harry Potter. Each generation fell in love with its own story. It is not to say that all of these stories are representative of each generation alone. What makes these stories so incredibly amazing is that they crossed multiple generations. Whole households fell in love with the amazement of these stories.

The movies were equally as packed as the book stores the first Harry Potter movie was released in theaters November 2001. My parents took me to the premiere as a birthday present from then on it became a ritual. My sisters and I attended every midnight release of the Harry Potter movies. For books Five, Six, and Seven we also attended the midnight release of the books.

The Harry Potter franchise  has grown into an empire with a website dedicated to the world. J.K Rowling is still releasing background information and stories related to the Wizarding World she’s created via the site. There are theme parks, board games and video games.

Harry Potter The Philosophers Stone (Sorcerers Stone) was first published in June 1997. The books appeared to be an overnight success with readers of all ages opening their pages.

The final book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows was published in 2007. Teens, and young adults alike lined up outside of book stores the night before the release dressed up like their favorite characters.

It was because of J.K Rowling that I finally learned to read on grade level. I was a stubborn little kid who believed I could memorize everything, I heard all of these great things about the books and I begged my mom to let me read them. She said she had to read them first, she was concerned because the news made it sound like the books were demonic. I was tired of waiting, I checked out the first book from my schools library and took it home to my mom. She read the back and gave it to me said “Yeah its fine.” It took me a year to finish reading it, the second one took almost two years, the third six months. Once the fourth one came around my reading speed had increased and I finished the fourth book in a month.

I’m not the only life who’s world was changed by the Harry Potter books, and I will definitely be reading the books to my baby as he gets older. This month a new movie is being released related to the wizarding world of Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie is not apart of the original Harry Potter series. I look forward to watching it at midnight November the 18th. Stay tuned for my review.

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5 Tips for Rocking a Networking Event

Networking events are great opportunities to meet with other entrepreneurs and business owners. However, it can be daunting to walk into a room full of strangers unsure of what to say. These are five tips for rocking any networking event.

Tip #1: Bring your business cards. The worst thing you can do is show up to an event and not have any business cards to hand out to people. Business cards provide a way for people to remember you and get in touch with you.

Tip #2: Walk into the room like you own the place. What does this mean you might ask? Well it simply means dress appropriate and be confident. When you enter any room full of strangers it is best to be confident enough in yourself to know that no matter who these people are you have something they need.

Tip #3: Ask questions. Don’t feel you have to give every person you meet a sales pitch about yourself. You can’t know what others need if you don’t first ask them. Ask people for their name, their business card, what they do, and how they came up with the idea.

Tip #4: Practice active listening. Don’t just hear what the others in the room have to say, listen and give intelligent responses to their questions. Ask them appropriate questions that relate to the conversation.

Tip #5: Talk to everyone, just because you don’t think the person can provide a service that you need does not mean you can’t provide a service to them. In addition, you never know when your needs may change and you might end up needing that person or vice a versa.

Kinnectpay is hosting a creative event on November 10th with a special guest motivational speaker and two free drinks with the purchase of a ticket. Kinnectpay is a social networking site that pays you for bringing friends to their site. For more information about Kinnectpay please click here. For more information regarding the event please see my post Creative Events: Kinnectpay.com to be posted Monday, November 7, 2016.