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10 Month Baby Post

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

Another month of motherhood has come and gone. My son is growing up so quickly. This past month I found myself often exhausted and frustrated with how little time I was getting to spend with my baby. As I become more and more acquainted with the demands of my new job I find myself having less and less time not only to spend with my baby, but also to spend on my writing. I find myself constantly missing my writing time. In addition, I constantly feel guilty about having to leave my son in the mornings. However, I will say once I delve into my workload for the day I soon forget how much I miss my baby and I am able to transition and stop feeling guilty as I am more focused on the work task than any issues I might have going on at home. Of course once the end of shift hits and I think about returning home, the first thing that runs through my mind is holding my baby tight. It is a wonderful feeling to come home and be able to love him. It makes me sad on the rare occasion when he is napping during my return home, because I know my time with him will be cut short for the evening. However, I am handling it pretty well over all and I am actually enjoying being back at work.

boy-967141_1920How Baby is Doing:

My son Wesley is growing up so fast. He is such a big baby, bigger than most 18 month and 2 year old babies we have come across in our area. He is not fat, he is just big with lots of obvious muscle. He isn’t walking yet, but he is getting closer by the day. He can walk while holding onto the wall, and furniture or mommy and/or daddy’s hands. He is attempting to stand up on his own, so far all he can manage is to stick his butt in the air with his hands and feet on the floor. I’m sure he will be standing on his own very soon. I know as soon as he masters the standing position he will be walking soon after that. His first two teeth are just now starting to show through, and he has been crying a lot as a result. We’ve tried just about everything the best products we have found have been a natural mouth wash I originally bought for myself that has clove oil in it. We put a half a cap full on a rag corner and let him chew on it. Carrots and pickles have also helped. Most recently we purchased an amber necklace it is just short enough that it doesn’t tighten up and choke him, and just long enough so that it can’t choke him naturally. Since putting the necklace on him he cries a good deal less, but it hasn’t completely ended the crying.

baby-21167_1280Life as a Breastfeeding Mama:

Pumping at work is going well, with the baby taking in more solids he no longer needs as much breastmilk as he used to. Currently he is eating once in the morning and once or sometimes twice in the evening. I pump during lunch everyday. Sometimes he takes a bottle during the day while I am gone, and sometimes my husband uses the milk to make the baby some baby cereal. When I am home on my days off, he will eat about 4 times a day. The teething has posed a slight problem since his teeth began poking through a few weeks ago he has bit me twice. The last time he bit me, he bit really hard and my boob was hurting for at least a few hours. When he bit I immediately removed him from the boob told him no and placed him in his playpen for about 15 minutes (partially because I had things to do). He hasn’t bitten since then, but it has only been about a week since that incident took place. I’m hoping he learned from the experience and won’t bite again. I’ve been contemplating dropping my pumping session at work, but part of me thinks it would be best if I waited until he is a year and I actually start weaning and ending the breastfeeding sessions. I will probably come to a decision next month, for now I am remaining undecided on the issue.

circle-304524_1280Tips and Tricks:

I had some trouble coming up with tips for this month, however I was talking with one of my mom friends about a red wagon she had and was offering to give to me. She said her biggest issue with it was that it was so big and clunky she didn’t know what to do with it, when it wasn’t be used. She asked what I would do with it, when I wasn’t using it. I told her I would likely use it as a toy chest. She loved the idea and said it should be on Pinterest.


Tip #1: If you have a big an clunky wagon that takes up space and you are unsure what to do with it while not in use, use it as a toy chest to keep all of the stuffed animals and other assorted toys when not in use.

Tip#2: Amber necklaces can help with teething, at least they appear to be helping with our son. If you are worried about choking wrap the necklace around the babies foot.

Tip#3: Anything can become a toy for your baby, be careful what you leave laying around and also feel free to give your baby certain items from around the home to play with. A cup, bowl, or spoon can be lots of fun for a little one. Empty boxes, and pillows can also be entertaining.


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Week 16, 17, and 18 Resolutions Post

The past three weeks have been fast-paced and busy with beginning the new job.  As a result I’m very behind on my posts. March was all about building a budget, and my husband and I were able to sit down after my second paycheck and make a true plan for our future. April was all about socializing and building friendships. I definitely made a couple of co-worker friends, and I strengthened some of my old friendships. January-April of this year were all dedicated to a different aspect of the person I want to be. Health, business, financial, and social as we move on to the month of May I plan to rededicate my attention towards health especially when I think about how I have yet to really meet my January goal.

May is therefore rededicated to health. My husband has discussed the possibility of teaching me martial arts and I just might take him up on it. I’m thinking I will also go ahead and buy myself a new pair of running shoes using some extra amazon bucks I earned through swagbucks.

I know it has been three weeks and this is a short post,but life is and has been so busy of late that I don’t have the time for much more.