5 Steps to the Perfect Interview

This past month  I went on a number of interviews in search of obtaining a job that paid consistently and could take care of my family, while my husband worked on healing after everything he’s been through the past few months. Over the past couple of years I had read a lot about how to have a successful interview. To be honest my first interview did not go so well mainly because I wasn’t sure going into the interview, whether I really wanted the job.

My first step for you, going into any interviews whether its a job you feel you are likely to hate or to love make sure you go in there with the attitude that you want it . No matter what reason you have to give yourself about why you want the job go in there with the attitude that above anyone else you must have it. The job is yours, you want that job even if its so no one else can have it. Be selfish in your thinking.

Next actually you should probably do this before ever going into the interview. Research the company and the position you are applying for. Create a list of questions both related to the job and related to the company. Take the questions into your interview. It shows interest and a desire to learn when you ask questions. Asking questions also tells you whether or not you want the job or if your lucky and receive multiple offers helps you to make a more informed decision.

Dress for the job you want. When scheduling the interview ask about the dress code. It’s important that you follow these three guidelines when picking out your interview outfit. First, pick something comfortable. Second, pick something that will help you standout. Finally, make sure your within dress code. For example if you are going for a job with Business Professional attire avoid wearing all black, spice it up with accessories or colors that fit your personality. You don’t want to blend, you want to stand out (but in a good way). I applied and had interviews with a number of business professionals. Many of the others interviewing had a basic black on black suit outfit. I on the other hand was wearing nice colored tops with slacks and nice jewelry nothing that appeared cheap. Note my jewelry was also not flashy.

Finally, get to your interview early and go into the bathroom. Look at yourself in the mirror with your hands on your hips like a superhero, smile, and be aware of proper posture. This will give you a chemical boost of positive energy. It tells your brain you are confident and reminds you that the job is yours.


What do you do to prepare for an interview?