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9 Month Baby Post

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

I have been up and down this past month, with my husband and I choosing to switch places. I go to work and he stays home with the baby. I spent the past month stressing about getting a job, and then starting a job. However, the last two days of the month where I actually started my job I’ve been much calmer. I’m nervous every time I leave the house, but by the time I arrive at work I’m ready to take on my day and relax. When I return home I’m excited to cuddle with my baby before bed. Leading up to my returning to the outside work force I was nervous to qualm my nerves I created a long to do list in order to keep me busy the weekend before I began my new job.

baby-923963_1920How Babies Doing:

This was a big month for baby,he started crawling on all fours. He also began “cruising.” Cruising is when they pull themselves up on furniture and walking along it. Baby is getting into everything we’ve had a time trying to baby proof  the place. He’s very interested in wires, books, and the T.V. So far there have been no major incidents. However, he has fallen backwards a few times while cruising. He can more himself into a sitting position on his own and he’s been trying to stand unassisted.

baby-21167_1280Life as a Breastfeeding Mom:

With my impending return to work I had to start pumping and creating a stock pile. Since I’ve owned it my pump has been uncomfortable  to use. The issue being my parts  were too small. I went to my local WIC office to discuss the issue and received the appropriate size for my oversized chest. It was suggested that I feed the baby from only one side and pump from the other, until I started work. It was also suggested I try and pump 5-10 oz everyday while  at work. Though I’ve only been working a few days I’ve managed to pump once or twice per shift. I’m lucky to work at a company that is so accepting they have a room designated specifically for the purpose of pumping.

circle-304524_1280Tips and Tricks:

Tip 1: Baby proof as a baby shows interest in things. My son became interested in the DVDs and CD’s we keep in our entertainment system as a result we took cardboard boxes and duck-taped the front.

Tip 2: A play pen and High Chair are essential when you need time to yourself or to get things done.

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Week 15 Resolutions Post

I’m into week one of training at my new job and I have three weeks to go I haven’t made any “friends,” but I have been social talking talking to my fellow work mates and getting to know them. I have decided to  cut out one of my friends who have shown themselves to be both an abusive and unreliable friend.

As for budgeting my husband and I are keeping it tight, he’s been very creative with the ingredients on hand in our pantry. We’ve also been depending on sales  and coupons to keep our food cost down.

I have been slacking when it comes to keeping up with my writing schedule. Between searching for a job and locating one, time just got away from me. I’m hoping to find a good schedule that works around my new job. I have managed to keep up with my work load from Kinnectpay, the extra cash has been helpful.

Mentally I’ve been doing well at keeping myself calm. It is still a bit of a roller coaster. Leaving the baby was stressful, but I also enjoy not having the baby attached to me all hours of the day. He is so happy when I get home that I can’t help but to cuddle him. I love my baby cuddles so much. It makes me happy to know that I am doing something so wonderful as providing for my son. Both nutritionally with the breastfeeding, but also financially. I’m eating so much better now that I have a consistent schedule, not to mention the fact that I have an amazing chef husband who is making sure I am eating not only the right things, but consistently.


5 Steps to the Perfect Interview

This past month  I went on a number of interviews in search of obtaining a job that paid consistently and could take care of my family, while my husband worked on healing after everything he’s been through the past few months. Over the past couple of years I had read a lot about how to have a successful interview. To be honest my first interview did not go so well mainly because I wasn’t sure going into the interview, whether I really wanted the job.

My first step for you, going into any interviews whether its a job you feel you are likely to hate or to love make sure you go in there with the attitude that you want it . No matter what reason you have to give yourself about why you want the job go in there with the attitude that above anyone else you must have it. The job is yours, you want that job even if its so no one else can have it. Be selfish in your thinking.

Next actually you should probably do this before ever going into the interview. Research the company and the position you are applying for. Create a list of questions both related to the job and related to the company. Take the questions into your interview. It shows interest and a desire to learn when you ask questions. Asking questions also tells you whether or not you want the job or if your lucky and receive multiple offers helps you to make a more informed decision.

Dress for the job you want. When scheduling the interview ask about the dress code. It’s important that you follow these three guidelines when picking out your interview outfit. First, pick something comfortable. Second, pick something that will help you standout. Finally, make sure your within dress code. For example if you are going for a job with Business Professional attire avoid wearing all black, spice it up with accessories or colors that fit your personality. You don’t want to blend, you want to stand out (but in a good way). I applied and had interviews with a number of business professionals. Many of the others interviewing had a basic black on black suit outfit. I on the other hand was wearing nice colored tops with slacks and nice jewelry nothing that appeared cheap. Note my jewelry was also not flashy.

Finally, get to your interview early and go into the bathroom. Look at yourself in the mirror with your hands on your hips like a superhero, smile, and be aware of proper posture. This will give you a chemical boost of positive energy. It tells your brain you are confident and reminds you that the job is yours.


What do you do to prepare for an interview?


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Week 13, 14

Well it appears I sort of lost track of time towards the end of March. I haven’t updated in almost three weeks regarding how my New Years Resolutions are coming along. To refresh your memory, March was all about balancing the budget. In the end my husband and I decided the best course of action was for the two of us to ultimately switch places. I begin my first day of work on Monday, April 11th. I’m both nervous and excited all at the same time. I’m nervous because as a breast feeding mother I don’t know how I am going to balance out pumping while on the job. Legally I have no problems, and the job that I will be working should provide ample breaks for me to utilize in order to pump. Overall the month of March was very successful. In that my husband and I now know exactly how much our bills come to every month. We are hoping to have everything balanced out by the end of May/June. Following that we will be able to start saving/working on the debts that are hurting our credits. My husband is considering getting a part time night-shift position somewhere so that we can have some extra income coming in. However, we have decided to give him at least through May/ early June for him to rest up before he does that. Also that will give us plenty of time to determine how much money I will be bringing in every month.

February’s goal was to improve my business, I am continuing to work with the company Kinnectpay as their Senior Communications Liaison. I currently write a couple of posts a month for them as well as update their facebook page daily with ads from the sponsors and motivational posts. The motivational posts have really helped spike our outreach almost doubling the numbers we had been seeing prior to me including them. Basically I spend the weekend, creating 100+posts and scheduling their post dates on facebook. Its easy and brings in around $100 extra dollars every month. I’ve also been doing some side work working on my friends resumes.

January’s goal was to begin a workout routine and to work on my mental health. Honestly this month I have been all over the place mentally. However, I have powered through and made it through the difficult moments without resorting back to my depression routine. Unfortunately, I haven’t been taking care of myself all that well either. I did manage to slow down on my soda intake and opt for tea instead. I haven’t rid myself of the soda completely yet, but I feel as if it is becoming easier.

The first of April came and went last week and with it began my goal to be more social. I’ve actually been re-evaluating the friendships that I have. I’ve become really close with my upstairs neighbor who has two kids. We meet at least twice a month on our front porches to discuss how life is going. We both get to get away from our children, without having to worry about dressing up, or wasting gas and money. Its wonderful, we will literally sit and talk for hours until either one of her children calls her back up or our husbands call us back in. Its a great friendship with give and take. We will also watch each others children if the other needs a break.

As I’ve been reviewing my friendships I’ve also noticed that I might be in the middle of a toxic one. A friend of mine is constantly asking me for favors. Rarely if ever does she call simply to ask how I am doing, or to just spend time together. She knows my husband and I are not in the happiest of places financially yet she keeps asking for things that I just can’t afford to do for her with our limited resources. I feel bad that I can’t help, but at the same time I am becoming angry at her lack of courtesy for the fact that I have a family to take care of and I can’t constantly be the one responsible for also taking care of her. Especially if she isn’t going to provide me with some type of courtesy as a how are you doing as well. As it is I have decided that I either need to sit her down for a talk or just take a break away from her for awhile as I know that talking is likely to make her angry if she bothers to listen. Or it will fall on deaf ears, in which case I’ve wasted my time and valuable energy.

As I move forward this month I plan to schedule in some time with my neighbor friend, and I also plan to make a call to a few other friends of mine, who I have not been giving the proper treatment. (I’m terrible when it comes to picking up the phone and calling people.) I’m going to try and check in on my friends more this month. I’m also going to try and make it to my sisters house for a visit.