Motherhood, Year One

Month Eight of Year One

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

I have become one positive mama. I’m taking care of myself and baby, at this point I feel like a well oiled machine who knows what to expect and how to handle the often unexpected that comes with being a mom.

baby-428395_1280How baby is doing?

He’s started attempting to pull himself up on furniture, however has been unsuccessful up to this point. He can’t seem to figure out how to get his feet underneath himself in order to push up. However he has the torso part down. He doesn’t necessarily crawl, but his army crawl has gotten to the point that he can get himself to A-B pretty quickly. We took him to the park for the first time this month and he really enjoyed the swing. He did have to get used to it a little bit, there were a couple of times that he made an almost scared face when going forward in the swing.

baby-21167_1280Life as a breastfeeding mama:

Baby has gotten really big in terms of length and weight. He no longer easily fits in my lap with the Boppy Pillow. He also has decided that playing with my boobs is a fun thing to do. I will simply say that his sharp nails hurt, and I am looking forward to weaning him in four months.

circle-304524_1280Biggest Lifesavers I have learned this month:

Tip 1: We finally went out and purchased a Diaper Genie as the babies poop has gotten to the point of true stink. Unfortunately the bags for the Diaper Genie are ridiculously expensive. I have instead been using cheap trash bags, that I tuck into the currently empty bag dispenser.

Tip 2: Around 6 months babies stop/slow their growth rate or at least mine has. I had bought a bunch of winter clothes for the baby, at this point it is getting very warm, and the majority of the clothes I bought are to warm for him to wear. As a result I will have to go out and purchase some summer clothes for him. My tip to you think ahead about where you are located. I live in Texas we have a very short winter. I should have known that I needed at least some summer items.

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New Year New Me Week 10 and 11

This month is all about getting the budget together. My husband and I discussed it and it makes more sense for me to go out and get a job than to continue staying home. My husband and I have ultimately decided to switch places. I’m going to get a job that pays the money we need to not only pay our bills, but move us forward in our lives towards all the goals we have made for ourselves.

Our monthly bills for everything rent, food, gas, etc. all amount to $1800, which ultimately is not that bad considering. We’ve cut back our expenses tremendously since the baby was born. There is nothing left to cut, therefore we must increase our income. My husband makes enough for us to pay bills and cover the monthly extras that we enjoy (and also keep us sane, which is why they have not been cut), but nothing else. We want to start paying off our debts and saving money¬† towards our move and a second vehicle.

If I go to work I can easily make anywhere from $2500 to $3000 after taxes. Which is anywhere from $500-$1,000 more than my husband has made in the last year. My degree puts me in a higher pay grade and allows me to work less hours than my husband often does.

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Surviving Life with a Baby: Part 3

Part 3: The monthly schedule (Keeping in mind the big things you have to do every month or in any given month) Bills, Family Get-togethers, holidays, and baby appointments.

In Surviving Life with a Baby parts one and two we discussed the daily and weekly schedule. This month I bring you the monthly schedule. During babies first year you have a number of Doctors appointments you must attend in order to make sure baby is growing properly and to make sure baby is properly vaccinated. Baby must be seen by the Doctor every three months during their first year of life. It is important to make note of this and to make sure you call in and set up the appointment within a timely manner, keep in mind any holidays, which might affect your babies ability to be seen. My son’s 3 month appointment occurred a little late, because I didn’t keep Thanksgiving in mind.

Family will likely want the chance to meet your new baby, and if they are scattered around it will be important for you to consider the right time for them to come to you, or you to go to them. However, don’t feel as if this has to be a stressful endeavor. At the beginning of each month know what events you have taking place. Does baby need to be seen by a Dr this month, make the appointment. Do you have plans to visit family? Make a list of things you need to pack. Are holidays coming up? Make a list of things that need to be done in order to make them run smoothly.

Finally, even if the month does not include holidays, family, visits, or baby appointments what will definitely happen every month is bills. Write down what is owed on what date, even if the bill automatically comes out of your account make a note of it. This is important so that you don’t forget to pay a bill, but also so that you know when money will be pulled from the account.


College Life

Pulling an All Nighter

College where an all nighter can involve partying and studying simultaneously or separately. On any given night of the week college students are pounding away at their brains and sometimes their livers. In this post I give you the ultimate guide to surviving a long night of studying. First off I would like to state the importance of sleep in retaining information the night before a test. Staying up late the night before a test might provide you with some short term memory benefits, but if you want to retain the information for the long hall it is important that you give yourself some time to sleep before going in to take the test ideally somewhere between 6-8 hours. For an 8am class it would be best to begin your all night study marathon at 4 in the afternoon allowing you 8 hours of study time before you go to bed at 11pm. Now if you think 6 hours of sleep would be efficient you could probably get away with beginning your studies at 6pm and going to sleep at 1am.

Not the sleeping type. That’s okay I’m not either. Here is how I survive on 5 hours of sleep a night both as a college student and now as a parent. Water and caffeine are my two best friends. Water speeds up your metabolism and is a great way to get yourself off to a healthy and happy start. It is also a good way to keep you awake at night without having to worry about the hurtful side-effects that too much caffeine can bring. I try an keep my caffeine intake between the hours of Noon and 8pm, considering I usually don’t go to bed until sometime between 2am and 4am this is a good stopping point. For the rest of the night I stick to water. 20150710_222144

A long study session needs appropriate brain food. During my four years at college I really enjoyed eating mushroom sandwiches (I was a vegetarian for 3 out of the 4 years I was in school). In addition, chips and salsa was a great snack. Some brain food tips:Protein, folic acid, and vitamin B are great for helping to build memory.

It is also important to take brain brakes, during which its important to get your body moving. Stretching exercises or a quick dance to your favorite song should do the trick. It might also help to get a change of scenery, take a quick walk around the building. Ideally you should take a 5min-15 min. break every 45 minutes to an hour. If an hour is too short a time span try and take a break every hour and 30 minutes at most. While in college I would take a break by either switching my study location, or making a quick run across the street to the corner store or H.E.B. It was often my way of treating myself for the long hours of study. When I couldn’t do that I would walk around the building of my apartment or call one of my friends who was also studying late into the night. Taking your mind off the subject is a great way to allow the information to sink in similarly to when you are sleeping. sports-shoes-115149_1920

In conclusion, if you want your late night study sessions to be worth the exhaustion drink water, time it so you can get some sleep, prepare protein rich snacks, and give yourself brain breaks. On the rare occasion when I was feeling the need to workout I would take a 30 minute break or so at the gym, where I would run or walk laps. Sometimes I would take flashcards and just walk the indoor track over and over. If your worried about gaining the freshmen 15 consider taking your studying to the gym.

What helps you get through a late night study session?

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New Year New Me Week 9

March is already here time certainly does fly. During the month of March, I have made my goal to get my family on budget. This week my husband discussed a couple of things we could cut down on he’s promising to begin the arduous task of quitting smoking, while I am going to seriously cut back on my soda intake. In addition, we have agreed to begin meal planning hard core in order to avoid eating out. (Surprisingly we do this more often than we really should.) As he started a new job where he is now a Sue-Chef and has the possibility of being trained to take over for the Executive chef we decided to wait till his first paycheck (which he gets on Monday) to really start crunching numbers.

During the month of February it was my goal to focus on my business and build it up. I created a monthly posting schedule, basically what types of articles I plan to post throughout the month. So far I have been pretty successful at sticking to it, I had a couple of bumps towards the end of the month, however I am hoping that beginning this month it will go by much smoother. I’ve been continuously applying for different writing jobs in order to expand my work load. I also re-opened my Fiverr gigs in hopes of catching some quick turn around projects. I am hoping to create a social networking posting schedule this month.

January was the month that I worked on fixing my mental and physical health. I never managed to create a work out schedule, however I did get myself to a better mental state. As far as physical health I did work on it by being more active with the baby and being more conscious about my diet. (Meaning I do my best to remember to eat throughout the day.) Since then I have made it to my goal weight, I am planning to start doing something to tighten up the loose skin from pregnancy as well as rebuild the muscle mass I had previously lost from lack of activity during pregnancy.



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Make the leap into Social Networking

Networking is an essential part of any business. Knowing how to properly market and network your business can make or brake you. Simultaneously social networking sites are utilizing your personal information to turn a profit. These sites rake in billions of dollars with your personal information. Shouldn’t part of that money be going to you? After all it is your information, shouldn’t you be able to profit off something you do every day? Well now you can. is the social networking site that pays you to kinnect. Kinnectpay hosts a blog page, radio station, and provides discounts with select sponsors.

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