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New Year New Me Week 7 and 8

So last week was so crazy, that I didn’t have the time, much less the energy to write a post about how my yearly goals were going. So this week I’m packing a one two punch and rolling two weeks into one post.

So obviously I didn’t stick to my blogging schedule. However, it was all for the better, because I was supporting my good friend as she prepared to get married. In doing so I made some really good potential work connections as well. One of her friends has an online magazine, and I plan to get in contact to discuss a possible collaboration. I plan to write a post for his magazine in exchange for his advertising my blog on his website. I also met an individual who has his own marketing business. Hopefully, we stay connected and they remember me when they need some writing work done.

Beyond all of that I was very social and made some new friends. My goal for April if you remember from my New Years resolution post is to develop new friendships and to build upon old ones. I’m so happy to say I’ve started working on every goal early. My husband and I have even jump started our goal to budget, which is what I was planning to do in March.

Last week totally through this week of blog posts off, however I will be getting back on track, I plan to write the business post I promised you tonight and have it posted by Monday. My side jobs are pretty slow as of late, mainly because I haven’t had the time. However, I’m getting myself back on schedule, and since I don’t have any big events coming up I don’t plan on getting off schedule again. With a baby in the house you never know though.

As for my workout goals, well there still isn’t a workout schedule. My friend who just got married has promised to go with me if I decide to start walking the lake. Considering how warm it is getting I’m think I will take her up on that sometime in the next two weeks. I want to get the baby on a real schedule, before I start adding more things to my list. Despite my inability to get a work out schedule going, I’ve continued to loose weight simply by carrying my little man around. In fact last week, we had to leave the stroller at home in order to help with all the wedding stuffs taking things back and forth between locations. So my handsome man was carried everywhere by yours truly. My arms were soar starting Saturday and only stopped hurting on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure I’ve got some nice biceps as a result.

Motherhood, Year One

Month Seven of Year One

*The information provided in this article is meant for entertainment purposes only, please consult your doctor for all medical concerns and conditions.

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

I have been extremely positive this past month. I don’t want to say I am completely over my postpardum depression, but I have been very positive as of late and I plan to keep it that way. My motto for this year is “We’ve got this.” My husband is actually a little sick of my positivism, however when I explained to him how I needed to maintain a positive front in order to keep myself from falling into my spiral of anxiety ridden, self deprecating thought process that I had been living in for the last year or so he quickly changed his opinion about my happy go lucky attitude about how “this is going to be the best year ever.”

baby-428395_1280How baby is doing?

Well it has been seven months since baby was born, he is growing, learning, and developing quickly. He hasn’t started crawling yet, but he has definitely mastered scooting himself in a circle. He has a great personality and is loving solid foods. He is currently eating an average of 2 solid meals a day, we will likely be upping him to three solids a day in another week. He’s had a couple of colds this winter, but this month he had a real yuck called Roseola, he wouldn’t let me put him down for an entire week. He loves to laugh, and to stand assisted he will frequently lift his arms up and state “ma ma ma ma ma” until he is picked up and placed in a standing position. We are considering “mama” his first word at this point, as he seems to realize it means me, he also understands it to mean milk. We moved him into his own room about a week ago, and so far he is doing pretty well. He still ends up in bed with me between 5 and 7 in the morning, at which point I am so exhausted that I don’t have the energy to feed and rock him back to sleep. (My husband and I refuse to get up before 9am, since my husband works late, and I typically stay up late waiting for him whilst simultaneously getting my much needed work done). I’m so lucky to have him, now if I can get him to sleep until 9am that would be amazing.

baby-21167_1280Life as a breastfeeding mama:

I have become increasingly more comfortable with breastfeeding in public. I’m lucky to live in a city like Austin, TX which is so accepting of it. Very recently I was at a friends BBQ and there were tons of people men and women walking in and out. None of them have kids or really know anyone who has kids. They were 100% okay about me feeding the baby right there in the open. No one commented or said anything. In fact I was even told by a couple of them that they thought it was beautiful and amazing, and that they respected the fact that I was doing what was best for my baby. It was truly a proud mommy moment for me. My little man of son however, is growing way to fast, I had bought a boppy not long after he was born (Actually it was a gift from my Nana, which I picked out during her visit when my son was only a couple weeks old). At any rate he has grown so much he doesn’t fit on the boppy in my lap anymore, so I can’t use it for that and now just have to cradle him against my boob. The boppy still has its uses as an assist while he is sitting alone on the floor, while I’m on my laptop on the couch. My husband did recently purchase me an amazing glider, chair and footstool, from a cute thrift store, which has helped enormously in the feeding of my “over sized” 22 lb child.

circle-304524_1280Biggest lifesavers I have learned this month:

Tip#1: Always, always, always have an extra outfit or two packed in the baby bag. My baby was having some explosive poop thanks to the increase in  solid foods to his system, not to mention him being sick. I made the unfortunate mistake of not putting an extra outfit in the diaper bag, and as we were going into Buy Buy Baby, to purchase his new carseat since he had outgrown his infant one, he had an explosive diaper that made a mess of his old carseat and required a serious change of clothes. Luckily we were at a baby store, so while my husband purchased a set of white onsies (which we probably needed anyway) I went to change him. Prevent yourself from having to make unnecessary purchases and pack a few extra  outfits. In fact also place at least one extra outfit, diaper, and wipes in the car as well.

Tip#2: Teething necklaces will save your hair and your face (most of the time). My baby loves to grab and eat my hair, and to grab my face and dig his little sharp nails into it. However, since picking up this teething necklace, which I wear around my neck while holding him he doesn’t grab my hair or face near as often. It is so refreshing not to have to worry about my hair constantly being pulled.

Tip#3: When feeding baby solids it is best done topless or with a very big bib. Since baby started solids I’ve become efficient and trying to make sure he doesn’t get too much food on his clothes, as if can cause serious stains, and always requires a new outfit if I don’t feed him naked/ only a diaper on.



New Year New Me Week 6

Happy Valentines Day!!! We are another week into the New Year, and I’m so proud to say I’m doing well at reaching my goals. I have dedicated the month of February to building my business. This weeks goal was to stick with my schedule I created last week for posting on my blog. I wanted to build up the other sections of my blog pertaining to college life and career life. So every 2nd Thursday of the month I will be writing an article related to college life, and every last Wednesday I will be writing an article related to career life. Once a week I will update on how my New Years Resolutions are going. Once a month of course I will update you on baby, by the way be on the look out for that post tomorrow.

As I wrote last week I got a job working for a start up company. The website goes live at the end of the month. This next week we are doing a soft launch, inviting friends and family to test out the site in order to make sure the websites kinks have been permanently worked out before we go live.  In addition, to testing the site I will also be editing the different pages on the site and writing up articles to send across the web.

My January goal is still not achieved, after all I have yet to set up a work out schedule. However, I’ve found more ways to be active with the baby. We dance at least twice a day, and I do twists with the baby in my arms. Since getting the new car seat on Wednesday of last week I’ve also been carrying him around a lot more from the apartment to the car, and from the car into businesses.

Stay tuned for next week to find out how my new jobs soft launch went.

College Life

The Ultimate College To Do List

It has been almost two years since I graduated College, and since graduating there are so many things I realize I should have done, that I didn’t do.

Apply for at least 1 scholarship every month (aim for two or more if you can). Many people stop applying for scholarships once they are in school, however there are still plenty of scholarships to be had. I really wish I had been more vigilante and continued applying to scholarships regularly during my college career. If I had, I might not have had to pull out so many student loans.

Internship- I looked into internships while I was in college, but never actually applied. Now that I’ve graduated and seen the job market I really wish that I had done one.

Get a job- working will help to build your job experience, making it easier to get a job when you graduate.

Travel abroad- You will have little opportunity to travel after graduation, take the opportunity now to see the world, as much of it as you possibly can.

Volunteer- this is a great way to try new things, and give you ideas for career options. It also gives you experience you can add to your resume when you start your after graduation job start.

Read for fun- I don’t think this one needs explaining, but in case your wondering “why would anyone want to read more than what is already required for college?” The more you read the more you learn.

Start a business (freelance write, computer programming, etsy) By starting your own business, you put extra money in your pocket, and put an extra item on your resume.

While High School was all about preparing for college, college is all about preparing for the work force. I wish I had done so much more in college as preparation for my eventual career, no matter what route my career might take me. In the end I choose to build my own business, there’s so much I could have done to prepare myself for this endeavor, there is also a lot more I could have done to prepare for an actual job in the work force. You can always say I wish, what if, etc. I hope my list of shoulda, woulda, coulda helps you to achieve the end goal of college.


Surviving Life with a baby: Part 2

Part 2: The weekly schedule

Last month we discussed how to schedule your day with a baby. Basically it comes down to understanding your child, and how long they can entertain themselves for, and knowing what distracts them for an extended period of time. To see last months post please see Surviving Life with Baby: Part 1. This month I want to focus on the weekly schedule. There is so much we have to do during any given week. Work, cleaning, bills, making time for our significant others, and lets not forget ourselves. How do we get it all done? My suggestion, once a week preferably at the beginning of the week perhaps Sunday or Monday write down everything you need to get done in the upcoming week.

For example as I write this next week (2/8-2/14) I have to do the following:

OB appointment

Purchase new Carseat

Write a College related post

Write my New Year New Me Week 6 post

Write up at least one Kinnectpay sponsor post

Email out my Press release to the different News stations

Do laundry

Get my Master bedroom back in order now that baby is in his own room

Aim for 15 hours with my part time job

Pay off the bills with the tax return

Go to dinner with my husband

Pick up my dress from the front office (it came in the mail and should be here by now)

Attend yoga at 7pm one day this week

Wow, talk about a long crazy list of stuff. So how am I going to get all of that done this week? Well, there is a possibility I might not get all of it done, however what I can do is try. First things first I make it a goal to get as close to 2 hours or more done everyday with my part-time job. I work from home, but the problem is I don’t always have enough tasks available to achieve my hourly goals. I still write down my goal for each day in my planner, as a reminder of where I want to be that day. Next, I write down for Monday to send out the emails for the press release. On Monday I also write a reminder to myself to speak with the front office about the package that is holding my dress. My OB appointment is on Tuesday and has already been marked, I write down all Dr’s appointments in my planner at the very moment that I make the appointment whether it be in person or on the phone.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I make a note about writing my College post as it is supposed to be posted on Thursday. On Thursday I make a note to publish my College themed blog post. Our tax return comes in on the 10th so I write down to pay bills on the 10th. In addition, my husband only works a half day this week on Wednesday so our plan is to go and pick out the new car seat. In addition, we will likely be having dinner out that night, he promised me Olive Garden so it is very likely we will be going there for the evening. Yum! I make a note of it with a question mark, because we may decide to post pone till the weekend depending on how tired we are.

Friday is typically the day I like to update how my Resolutions are going, but considering that I will have posted on Thursday I choose to make that post a priority for Sunday. I make a note to write/post my New Year New Me Week 6 post on Sunday. I will utilize my writing time on Friday to write my post regarding Kinnectpay.com. Finally, I am left with laundry and organizing the master bedroom. I decided looking at my schedule for Wednesday (my husbands day off) that it is really full what with our tax return coming in that day and what not. As a result, Yoga is not a big possibility and I mark it off the list. As for laundry I decide to discuss with my husband when the best day to do that will be, and we decide (since it is Saturday the day I write this) to do it tomorrow, we will likely have to do more laundry at a later date next week and decide to play it by ear. As for the bedroom, I write down to get the bedroom done on Saturday. Very likely this will end up being something I work at little by little over the course of the week.

circle-304524_1280Tips and Tricks for weekly schedules:

Prioritize know what is important to you and your family, what things absolutely must get done. Grocery shopping, and work projects are important. So are chores. At my apartment we do not have a washer/dryer in the unit. As a result every two weeks we make a trip to the laundry mat to do laundry.

Do not be afraid to take something off the list, if you do not have time you do not have time. Know your schedule, and how your day typically runs. If you know it isn’t likely that you can complete  task on a particular day see if there is a better day where you could get it done. If there isn’t and you can get away with it just not happening that week, then do so.

Don’t bombard your list with daily chores, if there is something you have to do everyday, don’t put it on your weekly to do list, understand that its something you have to do and consider it while making the schedule.

Social obligations, and changing work schedules are a good thing to keep note of on your weekly schedule, but rather than writing them on your to do list, write them down in your planner before you even get to the to-do list of the week. Putting too much on your list can be overwhelming, so do not overwhelm yourself by adding stuff to the list that you regularly have to do anyway, if you know about it put it in your planner before scheduling the other things you have to do.

Plan your meals at the same time you do your weekly to-do list. I will discuss meal planning in greater detail with a latter post.


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New Year New Me Week 5

The month of February is off to a good start. It looks as if I will definitely be reaching my February goal. I created a schedule for my blog that includes me paying more attention to the different sections. On the second Thursday of the month I will be focusing on the college section of my blog. Stay tuned for articles related to picking the right college, choosing a major, and  surviving college. On the last Wednesday of the month I plan to turn my focus onto Career with articles about landing a job, choosing a career, and surviving work place drama. Also I will be covering a lot of money dos, and do-not’s in the career section as well.

As for my writing business, back in January I landed a position as Senior Communications Liaison for Kinnectpay.com. The site will be launching on February 29th of this month. I wrote my first blog post for the site already during the last week of January. This week, I wrote my first Press Release ever. Big things are happening and I look forward to watching how this big adventure turns out.

As for my workout goals, I still have yet to manage a work-out schedule, but my husband tends to have a weekday afternoon off once a week. I’m thinking next week I will utilize that time to have him watch the baby while I go to our apartment gym for a yoga class. My apartment hosts free yoga classes every weeknight at 7pm. I think I might just have my husband start watching the kid for an hour while I go and get a work out in once a week. I’ll let you know if it happens next week.

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New Year New Me Week 4

Wow what a crazy first month of the year it has been. Between household drama, and baby reaching all those fun 6 month milestones it has been a crazy start to the New Year. This year I choose to create a different New Years Resolution for every month of the year. For January it was my goal to get myself mentally healthy, as well as begin working on my physical health. My original fitness goal, was to develop a regular work out routine. Though I have yet to establish a regular work out routine, what I did do this month was to be more active in my regular daily life. I played more actively with baby, and I did more errands that involved me actually leaving the house. All in all I’d say my New Years resolution for January has been achieved. I plan to continue to be more active in my day to day life, and perhaps February will see me getting into a more regular work out routine.

Though I didn’t get into a work out routine this week, I did look up some mommy baby workout videos on youtube. Hopefully over the course of the next month I can make it a regular thing to do one of those videos all the way through with baby a few times a week. In addition, though this month has been mentally difficult I finally powered through and fought the hard fight this week. I started off the week feeling pretty depressed, however instead of wallowing in my self-pity as has been typical in the last few months I powered through the sadness. I threw myself into work, and today Sunday, January 31st 2016 I feel happy and humbled. I attended a good friends wedding shower today, and socialized with my fellow women. It was relaxing and joyful. Even though the storm hasn’t fully cleared here at home with the issues from early on in the month, I have found a way to cope with the emotions that I have surrounding the problems. I look forward to the light that I can see growing at the end of this dark tunnel I’ve been traveling through and I have hope that this year will improve and turn out to be one of the best years ever.

As we enter February I will continue to work on my mental and physical health. However, the big goal for this month is to work on growing my business. In my post New Year New Me I developed the following Business goal. “Create a schedule for my blog. I have been ignoring certain areas, such as the career and college sections. I plan to change that by creating a detailed schedule this month. In addition, to my blog  I will also work on gaining new writing clients. I have at least one potential massage therapy client that I have worked with in the past. I also have connections in the real estate business, who might be interested in a writer for their blog.” What I didn’t know when I made these goals, was that over the course of January I would pick up a position with a new social networking site Kinnectpay.com (to be launched sometime this February) as their Senior Communications Liaison. In this position, I am responsible for building and maintaining the company blog, essentially building a blogging business within their social network site. I’m excited about the possibilities. I will also be posting  a blog sometime this month or next discussing the amazing opportunities you yourself can achieve with Kinnectpay.com. To check out my blog posts on Kinnectpay, check out Kinnectpay.com/greenpill/