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New Year New Me Week 3

This week has really moved fast. My husband decided to pick up a second job so as to assure we do not have to get another roommate, ever, ever, ever, again. As a result I have started taking him to his morning job, which includes about a 3 1/2 hour shift. He gets off in enough time so that he has two hours before he needs to go to his original job. As a result I have been utilizing that 3 1/2 hour window to get errands done. I have definitely increased my activity level this week. In addition, I now wake up early every morning, rather than having the baby just cuddle up next to me for a couple extra hours while I snooze. I’m eating  much more often, something I had not been very good about in the weeks and months prior to the new year. I also started doing crunches this week, I managed to do them three days in a row. Though I didn’t do a real workout this week, I did manage to go out and buy myself some new pants, as none of mine were fitting after dropping 10 pounds the first week of the New Year.

I haven’t given up on this months Goal, I’m simply going about it a lot differently than I had originally planned or intended.

January 17th was National Give Up on New Years Resolutions day, don’t give up it is never too late to start working on your New Year’s Resolutions. This year I am determined to achieve my New Me Goal. This month it begins with a workout regimen, feeding myself, and getting myself mentally healthy. Next month I focus on building my business, I am currently taking steps to meet that goal, but I will discuss more about that in February. Good luck to you and I hope you are able to achieve your goals today.


What are some of your New Years Resolutions, and how are you planning to step up your game in order to achieve them?

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How to organize your life with a baby Part 1

Over the course of the next few months I will be giving you the basics of all things schedule related when there is a baby in the house.

Part 1: The daily schedule

It is important that you keep track of what your baby daily routine looks like. I understand that this can often change from day to day or week to week, sometimes month to month especially in these early months when baby is constantly growing and learning new skills. However, they will create their own little schedules nap-times and feeding times.

Currently my son takes a morning and afternoon/late evening nap these are ideal times for me to get chores, phone calls, and some work for my at home job done.

My son is also happy to play on the playmat for a max of 30 minutes, this is an excellent moment for me to either clean or get work done. Also I plan to start a work out routine soon, so I might be utilizing this time to get down on the floor with him and use him as my work out buddy.

I can get a max of 45 minutes of laptop work done by placing my son next to me in his stroller with a couple of toys. I have to make funny faces and noises at him to keep him distracted while I work, but hey that’s 45 minutes I could have missed out on.

Between my son’s naps and me making a fool out of myself via funny sounds and faces I manage to ring in just under 3hours of work time/ cleaning time. Though lets face it most of that is work hours. I don’t get paid to clean after all. I also try and get in about 2 hours of work after he goes to bed at night, being that I only work part-time from home those are pretty good numbers.

Tips for making it through the day to day frustrations of working at home with a newborn.

clouds-164757_1280Tip#1: Frequently change the babies view


Put them in a swing (if they like the swing that is)

Place them on a mat on the floor

Put them in the stroller and push them around and or back and forth with your foot.

Wear them if they let you, mine hates to be worn, but loves to be held.

boy-967141_1920Tip #2: Work during nap time. (Especially if you have phone calls to make.)

yoga-389702_1920Tip#3: Be flexible keep in mind what takes an hour and what takes 10 minutes.


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Month Six of Year One

*The information provided in this article is meant for entertainment purposes only, please consult your doctor for all medical concerns and conditions.

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

What a roller coaster this month has been, I started off really well I was getting out of my postpartum depression phase, and then events occurred, which nearly sent me over the edge. Fortunately, I managed to make it through, and I am doing a lot better. My husband and I have been arguing a lot since the baby was born. We had not really noticed how distant we had become until the events of this past month blew over. As a result we are seeing one another in a whole new light. We have a greater appreciation for what the other does, and I feel we are now stronger for it. I still have low days, but hopefully with time those will past and become fewer and farther between.

baby-428395_1280How baby is doing?

6 months…wow time certainly does fly. My handsome baby boy almost needs a haircut. In addition, he is already 21 lbs no longer fits in his swing…and we are almost out of clothes that fit. He is currently wearing 12 month clothes at 6 months. He is a very healthy baby. He rolls around from front to back and back to front, he isn’t crawling yet, but he loves to stand assisted and to jump. We gave him his first taste of solids this month. Apple was his first solid food and he loved it. We have since tried banana, oatmeal, and pear. Well actually he stole my pear and started gnawing on it, but he still loved it all the same. The only thing he didn’t like was the banana, we have only tried it twice, but so far it is a no go. He still isn’t sleeping through the night, but he is handling nap time pretty well. We plan to move the baby into his own room in the next month, hopefully this will help him sleep since mom and dad won’t be able to wake him because we entered the room to go to bed ourselves.

He is still teething, and has learned how to squeal making it very difficult to tell whether he is hurting or happy. The crying is incredibly stressful. I just have to keep remembering “this too shall past.” His cold is also back and much worse this time around. I do hope the cold goes away soon, I hate listening to him cough.

baby-21167_1280Life as a breastfeeding mama:

Up until now I have had no issues with supply. With the craziness that occurred at my house most recently however my supply seriously dropped. For two days I wasn’t making enough milk to feed the baby luckily I had just enough in the freezer to make up for what I was short on. Now I am making only enough to feed the baby and not enough to pump, which is necessary in order to have milk for the sitter during my friends wedding in February. In order to fix my…what is for me a low supply I plan to make oatmeal and flax seed cookies and start pumping at least once or twice a day. The wedding is on the 21st of February and it will be the first time my husband and I leave the baby for any sort of an extended period. My husband is very nervous, because he hasn’t officially met the babysitter. She is my cousin and she is wonderful with the baby.

circle-304524_1280Biggest Lifesavers I have learned this month:

Tip#1 You never know what you can find at a pawn shop. I scored a Bob stroller the top of the line of strollers for just $20, typically used they go for around $300 and new around $800.

Tip#2 Facebook garage sale and trade sites are an excellent way to find stellar deals such as children stuffs including clothes, toys, cribs, and other assorted baby equipment.

Tip#3 Keep your confidence. No matter what it takes. I had the opportunity to walk in my husbands footsteps this month and boy does he do a lot for this family. It really helped me to realize that there is a lot I can do that I have not been doing.

Tip#4 Plastic baby spoons make the best teething rings.

Next Month:

Pumping for a night out

Sleep training (baby will be in his own room)

Solids feeding schedule




New Year New Me Week 2

It is week 2 of the New Year and most people have started giving up on their New Years Resolutions. I haven’t given up on my January goal, before this month is up I will have a work out routine and I will be meal planning on the regular. I have met the first half of my goal, to get myself mentally healthy. Despite everything, my husband and I are closer than ever before. I am happy again, I still have moments and days where I know I could be kinder to myself and I am working on that.  After the stressful disaster of week 1, I had to rebuild my confidence and drive. Luckily it didn’t take too long. This week I may not have done scheduled works outs or any sort of regular type work out, what I did do was play more actively with my baby boy. I lifted him and placed him on my stomach while I did mini crunches. For me that is a good start. In addition, I started eating more. I have a problem of forgetting to eat a lot of times and since having the baby it has only gotten worse. Not eating has caused me to loose a lot of muscle mass in my legs, which I would really like to get back. Big accomplishment for this week I consistently ate a high protein diet. I ate lunch and dinner consistently, now I need to remember to eat breakfast.

How do I plan to get back on track this next week?

  • This next week I plan to start putting myself on a real sleep schedule.
  • I am planning the upcoming weeks meals today so that will be a great help.
  • I will be researching mommy baby workout videos on youtube so I can get started with a regular workout schedule.

If all goes well, this next week will be a good week for achieving my January goals.


New Year New Me Week 1

What a crazy first week of the New Year it has been, I don’t think anyone’s first week of the New Year could beet the craziness that has transpired in this house. Let’s just say for now that no good dead ever goes unpunished and leave it at that. I am making it my goal this year to update on how I am doing in reaching my New Years Resolution Goals.

For the Month of January I resolved to dedicate myself towards improving my overall health. With the craziness of this week, I am both happy and sad to say I have lost 12 lbs since New Years Eve. I am officially 4 lbs below what I was when I became pregnant with my son. Of course I do not recommend loosing that much weight the way I did. A combination of not eating, breastfeeding, and carrying a carseat in and out of the car all over town as I attempted to resolve the overall drama that basically tornado its way through my home is not my view of a safe way to loose weight. As far as the things I did do this week to make myself healthier I drank a lot more water than I have been in previous months.

Despite not accomplishing a lot in terms of my physical health I did get a huge boost in self confidence thereby helping out my mental health, which also was taken on quiet a ride this week. My postpartum depression that I have been trying so hard to work over and get through this past month came back vengefully with all the stress I was under, there was a moment where I seriously considered hurting myself. Luckily I have amazing friends who were able to pull me out of the mess. I basically had to take over for my husband this week, doing all the difficult things he usually does when things go south. I learned as a result that I am strong, powerful, and capable of anything that I put my mind to. In addition, I have amazing friends and family who are willing to do anything they can to help.

In conclusion, this week might have been one of the most difficult weeks of my life. However, I made it out with both my husband and child their by my side happy and safe. I will not utilize the craziness of this week as an excuse to not follow through with my goals. I will be creating a work out plan, and I will be starting it this upcoming Monday 1/10/2015. Seeing as I am simultaneously battling a sinus infection likely as a result of the stress I will continue increasing my water intake. Now that the worst of the drama has subsided I will also start eating the way I should, my appetite is definitely back today seeing as I ate half a large pizza for lunch and I am about to go finish it as my dinner. You might be saying to yourself “WHAT PIZZA I thought you were supposed to be getting yourself healthy?” Well considering that I have hardly eaten anything all week I don’t think Pizza is going to hurt this one day especially since I need some type of reward after this weeks events.

How has your first week of the New Year been?

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National Oatmeal Month

Oatmeal is an essential to every breastfeeding mama’s diet, and it just so happens that January is National Oatmeal month. So whether you  eat your oatmeal with brown sugar, berries, fish, or eggs eat up all the oatmeal this month.Even if you are not breastfeeding oatmeal is a great quick, and easy breakfast to jump start your morning. It’s also great for lunch or dinner, or as a post work out snack.

Looking for a new way to spice up your oatmeal try out my favorite lactation cookie recipe below. The recipe combines oatmeal with flax seed to create a deliciously yummy cookie that even your children and significant other will love. The recipe calls for brewers yeast, but if you can’t find it or don’t have any the recipe turns out great even without it.


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New Year New Me

It was brought  to my attention around my birthday this past November that I have lost my way, and become a shell of the person that I once was. I made some goals for the upcoming year, and wrote a post regarding those goals. The first week or two following that post I did nothing to really jump start myself the way I should have. In the weeks leading up to this new year however, I have been working to improve myself, but it has been slow going. This New Year’s however, I am determined to re-inspire my passion for life. The last few years have been very hard, and last year I realized that all of the goals I had been aiming for since my junior year in High School were not really the goals that I wanted for myself, but rather band-aids to cover up my true dream.

I discovered last year that my dream of becoming a writer was in fact a real possibility. I have since gone on to make an average of $100-$300 a month just by writing. Unfortunately, despite discovering that I indeed could make money from writing the numbers were not quiet as promising as I had hoped, the steps were not written as nicely as the goals I had made prior to making the decision to follow my true dream. I felt as though I had lost part of who I was, because everything was upside down. I am now choosing to jump start myself and take a new outlook on life. This year I am going to make a goal for every month of the year. Goals which will ultimately build upon themselves to allow me to grow into the passionate life loving person I once was.




I am going to begin and maintain a work out routine. I will meal plan and start eating healthier and more often. Since giving birth to my son, I have lost a lot of muscle mass do to bad eating habits and low activity. I plan to put myself on a path towards good health beginning this month.




Maintain my work out plan yoga once a week, 2 days at the gym, 3 days walking with the baby in our new stroller. Keep planning meals.


Create a schedule for my blog I have been ignoring certain areas, such as the career and college sections. I plan to change that by creating a detailed schedule this month. In addition, to my blog  I will also work on gaining new writing clients. I have at least one potential massage therapy client that I have worked with in the past. I also have connections in the real estate business, who might be interested in a writer for their blog.




Start dancing again.


Write two short stories to send off to competitions.


It’s time to budget, you may be wondering why this isn’t January’s main goal. We would like to take care of few debts before really getting into the nitty gritty of our financial problems, and our tax refund is really going to help cut down on a lot of those issues. So come March when we have managed to get a lot of the debt paid off we will sit down and create a true budget for ourselves to begin paying off the rest.




Buy a pair of running shoes and a new water bottle, as  a reward for my hard work.


Write up three articles to sell/utilize as means of selling my writing skills to potential clients.


Begin couponing regularly to help keep us in budget.


I’m going to focus on building friendships this month both current friendships and new ones. It’s time I started attending some mom and baby events with my son Wesley.




Start including baby in meal planning.


Write my e-book.


Have at least half of the credit card bill paid off. $1400 (hopefully if our tax return is as good as we think it will be this year we can pay off 2/3rds).



Throw a Birthday party for my husband at Brew Day. His father has a brew day once a month and Daniel is determined after his mothers death to visit once a month for brew day. He has never had a surprise party before and I intend to throw him one.



Go out dancing with my husband, and begin running as apart of my regular workout.



Edit e-book.


Begin looking for a new apartment or house to rent.


Visit sister and her new baby. That’s right my little sister is going to be a mom.



Begin weaning the baby and pumping regularly so that he has breast milk in loo of regular milk for his cereal. My goal is to breastfeed for a year and pump for the second year, as the World Health Organization recommends 2 years for breastfeeding. The U.S pediatric society recommends one year.


Publish e-book.


Pay off the last of the credit card bill.


Throw the baby his first birthday party.




Get a hair cut and update wardrobe.


Market e-book.



Begin looking for a new work from home job/ full time job.


Locate a babysitter for Wesley. It’s time Daniel and I start having a regular date night.



Get a massage and adjustment from chiropractor.


Write 3 articles to utilize for gaining new clients.


Begin preparing to move.



Take the baby to familiar places so moving doesn’t upset him with all the big changes.



Get a pedicure after that hard move. Scout out the new workout location and begin second week after move in.


My goal is to make at least $1,000 a month just with writing by this month. As this year comes to a close the math tells me I averaged $200 per month this year.



Re-examine the budget with the new bills at the new place.


Have a house warming party by inviting mommy friends over for a Halloween themed playdate.



Re-examine work out goals. Am I aiming to build muscle, increase endurance, tone, or something else?



Begin preparing for tax season, how much do I need to report, what should I expect to pay? Also renew health insurance for January.


Create a Christmas budget, how much are we spending on our son, each other, and others.


Take Wesley to meet Santa, attend Christmas related activities with other children and moms.



Continue workouts, but feel free to enjoy the yummy food of the season.


Begin creating a plan for 2017. It’s time to start bringing in the big bucks.



Create a budget for 2017, start planning for Daniel and I to have a real wedding ceremony with a white dress, roasted pig, and bomb fire. We are going to throw a renaissance theme wedding in order to celebrate our love with our closest friends there to witness. My husband and I are kind of dorky in that we love to get dressed up in costume, and party like it’s the 1500s.


Have a holiday pot luck with my mommy friends and do a white elephant gift exchange.