3 Ways I pick up extra $$$

Being a work at home mom (WAHM) is no small feat, it takes a lot of organization, late nights, and endurance. I started off as a simple freelance writer bringing in anywhere from $100-300 a month. I have since added a part time work at home job to my work load, and currently make about $1200 a month including the freelance writing gigs. Of course this is still not where I would like to be, but I am slowly growing my freelance writing business, as well as my skills as a writer. It is my goal to eventually bring in $8000 a month, so my husband will not have to work, but simply work because he chooses to do so. I know he would love more than anything to be a stay at home dad, or at the very least work part time and even possibly open his own restaurant one day.

As I do not currently make the money I would like, I have many ways of hustling in side cash, and for now that is my job. Bringing in extra money so that extras are covered and our debt can get paid down. Below are a few ways I bring in the extra cash between freelancing and other spare time activities.

Fiverr.com- I advertise my writing talents here and during the summer when I was really putting myself out there before the baby showed up I was making okay cash this way. The week before the baby arrived I brought in $100, I had only been on the site a month, and prior to that was able to bring in about another $100 over three weeks.

Swagbucks.com- This has to be my favorite way to earn extra cash in the form of giftcards you can choose whatever type of gift card you want. I use this money to buy the baby fun extra toys, sometimes I get myself starbucks, and I’m thinking in the future I will start updating my ipod. Considering I haven’t updated the music on there in five years, its time. To join please use the link here: www.swagbucks.com/refer/LeeannMinton

Craigslist- This is going to sound weird, but I have a knack for finding awesome furniture pieces people are throwing out at the dumpsters around the apartments in my area. I clean them off and re-sell them on craigslist. This is also where I find some of my writing gigs. I even managed to get a regular contract with a company, by posting an ad offering my writing services. You just never know who might be reading, so though craigslist might seem fishy at times, it is a great place to pick up extra cash in a pinch.

How do you earn extra cash for your family???

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Keeping the House Clean Durring the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time of year, people are visiting, you are traveling, working, and taking care of the children. Meanwhile somewhere in all the activity you still have to find the time to clean the house and shop for gifts. When it comes to cleaning here are 6 tips and tricks to make it faster and keep it maintained.

chaos-227972_1920#1 To keep your house looking clean this holiday season maintain surface clutter don’t allow piles of stuff to take over your coffee table, dining room table, desk space, and kitchen counters.

#2 Maintain your floors. Leave shoes by the door to prevent the tracking in of dirt, snow, and mud. Sweep, mop, and/or vacuum every day to every other day. (If you have multiple types of floor surfaces, pick one to do.) For example maybe Monday you sweep, Tuesday you vacuum, and Wednesday you mop.

#3 Wash dishes as you cook or immediately after eating. dishes-691541_1280

#4 After returning from travel immediately unpack. Sort and put away, Don’t wait till “tomorrow.”

#5 Get a head start on your New Years Resolutions make a daily, weekly, and monthly chore schedule and stick to it.

Items you do daily: Dishes, sweep, mop, vacuum

Items you should do weekly: Laundry, bathrooms

Items you should do monthly: Dusting, and wiping of base boards

#6 Designate an out of the way space for gift wrapping or put it away when you’ve finished wrapping for the day.


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Month Five of Year One

*The information provided in this article is meant for entertainment purposes only, please consult your doctor for all medical concerns and conditions.

masks-833421_1280My Mental Health:

I’ve been in denial for the past month on how well I was handling life with the new baby. If I were to be perfectly honest I’ve been devoid of passion, lost as to who it is I am, and lost about what I want for my future. My husband described me as an empty shell, and explained how he wants back the woman that he married. Even after him saying that I still wasn’t 100% ready or willing to wake up. It took me and the baby getting sick with a cold to finally realize how far gone I really was. Over the course of the past week. I’ve started doing what I can to wake up and begin feeling like myself again. I’ve started to drink more water, and to eat more regularly. I’ve also started making the time needed to work my new job. It is a slow start, but hopefully in the end I can get back to the place I need to be. As my husband explained I need to stop looking back and start looking forward.

How baby is doing?baby-428395_1280

This month baby mastered the act of rolling from back to belly, he also began the dreaded sleep regression stage and is no longer sleeping through the night. Despite knowing how to also roll from back to belly, he often gets stuck on his belly and becomes very frustrated. The teething has also become worse as he now frequently runs a low grade fever. Everything that comes near him goes straight to his mouth. Though weight wise he still technically fits in the swing, he is currently 18.15 lbs, he rolls and twists too much for us to feel safe trying to set him into it. We are buying him a chair for Christmas, so as soon as Christmas passes the swing will officially be dismantled and stored for the next baby.

The 4 month shots went way better than the 2 month, but it was also all the same types. I ended up going alone without my husband, because we missed our original appointment due to little one keeping us awake all night thanks to sleep regression. Thankfully, the nurse had me lean over the baby and distract him while I held his arms, because I am super afraid of needles. The Dr informed us we can begin solids at any time now because of Wesley’s awesome development, we plan to begin this upcoming month.

Sadly we had to make an unexpected trip to visit my husbands family this month. My mother in law passed away, and per her wishes she wanted everyone to come together for a big party in her honor. We were there from Noon to midnight and my son was the center of attention he met my father in laws mother and became her new best friend. As the party was very loud he was unable to sleep more than 15 minutes at a time. He would become uber cranky with everyone so I would take him to a back room feed him and put him to bed in the pack n play, go mingle with the family for 15 to 30 minutesĀ  before someone would come to inform me he was crying. I would go in pick him up and he was good to go for at least an hour, before needing to return to the back room. In addition to sleep issues, teething, and rolling over the baby babble has increased and it constantly sounds like he is saying mama. Over the last month he’s become very much a mama’s boy.


baby-21167_1280Life as a breastfeeding mama:

Up until this past week breastfeeding was going strong. My milk supply is still running slower than before, and I have yet to establish a back up supply, but the bonus to this is I don’t have to worry too much about leaking. Recently however, everyone in the house has been sick including baby and me. Luckily for baby he seems to have only gotten a small cough and sneeze, without much of a runny nose. I took him to the Dr. after he had been running a 99 degree fever on and off for about three days. They told me the teething was very likely the cause of the fever and the lack of interest in eating, as well as his ear pulling were all signs of this as well. The Dr. did say its likely he has a small cold, but that as long as I drink plenty of water and just keep trying to feed him, the baby would be just fine.

*This month we will be starting solids so hopefully I will be able to create a back up supply as he slowly starts eating solid foods. Be sure to check out next months post to hear about his first taste of apple, and other yummy foods.

Biggest Lifesavers I have learned this month:circle-304524_1280

Tip#1: Take the time everyone morning and evening to brush your teeth and hair, it will help you feel alive.

Tip#2: When you are sick with a runny nose use the homemade baby wipes to blow your nose every now and again, it will helped your chapped nose heal faster thanks to the coconut oil.

Tip#3: Use your stroller as a chair for baby, especially if you haven’t gotten around to buying them one. It also makes it easy to entertain them while you do chores around the house, you will often find me doing dishes on one foot as I push the stroller back and forth with baby.

Tip#4: Once baby hits about 18lbs it is time to remove the newborn netting from the baby bath tub.

Tip#5: Use head and shoulder shampoo for cradle cap, little one’s hair pulling was deemed to be residual cradle cap.

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When you shouldn’t feed on demand?

I am a breastfeeding mama, and I love organization and scheduling. However, when I first started breastfeeding I was made to believe that giving the baby the boob every time he put his hands to his mouth or nuzzled his nose into my shoulder or boob meant he was hungry. It turned out that was not the case, but worse still unlike most babies who stop eating when they are full my little baby boy never seemed to be full. I kept wondering why he was constantly spitting up milk. I went to my lactation consultant who discussed with me how often I was feeding my son and for how long. She watched how I fed him and determined that it wasn’t reflux as I had been thinking, but rather that my little boy just didn’t know when to stop. She told me I needed to put him on a schedule no more than 20 minutes per boob and to do so every two to three hours.

Amazingly this advice worked and my son no longer spits up after every feeding. Don’t get me wrong he still spits up every once in a while especially since he started teething, but it isn’t coming out in large amounts after every single feeding.

If you are having issues with your baby spitting up please speak with your child’s pediatrician and/or your lactation consultant before making any changes to your child’s care.