Motherhood, Year One

Month Three of Year One

*The information provided in this article is meant for entertainment purposes only, please consult your doctor for all medical concerns and conditions.

masks-833421_1280My Mental State:

Life with a new baby is exhausting, especially when breastfeeding. In addition, to taking care of my little man I’m also responsible for keeping the house in order, and bringing in a partial income. My postpartum depression is still in effect, I have days where I am very frustrated and sad, however it isn’t as bad as it was last month. I think working has really helped with that. In addition, my son has started smiling a lot more and attempting to imitate. I think these combined with my working has really helped to boost my mood. Usually I try and get these posts written as close to the 13th of the month as I can, however this past week I have been so dizzy its been difficult for me to get much of anything done. I’ve started eating bananas again, as that was a big recommendation during my pregnancy. In addition, I’m planning to start increasing my electrolyte intake through Ensure, as I do not feel I am getting enough calories to take care of the baby and his needs. It is important that as a new parent you remember to also take care of yourself.

How Baby is Doing?baby-428395_1280

Wesley has grown so much this month he weighs over 16 lbs and is 24 and 1/4 inches long. He’s been teething for the last month and little white teethes can be seen poking up out of his front bottom gums. He is able to lift his head all the way up and doing an amazing army crawl when placed on his belly. He isn’t the biggest fan of tummy time, but he is starting to like it a little bit more. He can’t roll from his back to belly yet, but he’s showing signs of getting close. We have to keep a close eye on him anytime we place him on the play mat because his little legs are strong enough to move him off the play mat. In addition, he is also smiling and attempting to imitate. I’ve taken to calling him my little bear, because of how much he loves his bears. I told him the bear goes “roar” and him and I have started playing a game where I roar at him (softly) and he makes the motion of roaring me with mouth and face, but usually doesn’t get much more than a squeal out. It is the most adorable thing ever. He is officially wearing size 3 diapers and he can wear some 9 month clothes, however for the most part he is still wearing his 6 month items. Many individuals who see him believe he’s somewhere between 6 and 9 months old. He’s a very big baby.

baby-21167_1280Life as a breastfeeding mama:

I spent the beginning part of this month fighting and learning how to best prevent mastitis. Mastitis is a bacterial infection of the breasts. I ran a fever for 4 days before I went to the doctor and they gave me medication. In addition, to the fever I also had severe pain in both my boobs. It was not fun, the only thing that made it feel somewhat better was to feed my son. However, I couldn’t just keep feeding him or else I was going to risk over feeding and making him spit up. So I had to feed and constantly pump. I bought a hand pump to use in the shower and that seemed to help the most. I took antibiotics for a week and by the time I finished the round of antibiotics the mastitis was gone and it remained so for exactly 1 week, before I felt it starting to return. Instead of going back to the doctor I just pumped every night in the shower. I have an over supply which means I am going to be more prone to clogged ducts and the like.

Biggest Life Saver’s I have Learned this Month:circle-304524_1280

Always bring a rag:

When you have a teething child always keep a rag, napkin, or paper towel handy because they will drool and possibly throw up often.

Hand pumps are your friend:

I actually like my hand pump, better than my electric, probably because of how much relief it can bring me when I’m in the shower or even out and about on the road. Keep one in your car in case you need to pump to relieve pressure and you either can’t stop to feed the baby, or the baby isn’t with you. Also keep one in your shower to help prevent mastitis. These are especially important if you have an over supply like I do.

*Next month I will tell you how the baby handled our long 4 hour car ride to my best friends wedding.