College Life

Dorm Room Must Haves

Whether you are sharing a room or you have your own space the dorm room life is definitely a lifestyle all its own. Often times you have to load everything up over Christmas and Summer breaks just to carry it all back to campus a few weeks or months later, as a result storage and multi-use tools are great investments to any dorm room goer. So what exactly should you expect to need as you embark on your college journey. Here is my list of dorm room essentials.


First if you are going to school somewhat close to home or you know you will be returning home for Christmas, weekends, and/or holidays. Do not bring your entire wardrobe to college with you. Bring a good assortment of items and keep it seasonal. You should have at least two or three professional looking outfits for interviews and presentation days, comfortable everyday where, pajamas, don’t forget to pack your underwear and socks, if you workout be sure to pack your athletic wear, and because your likely going to want to go out to enjoy your new found freedom at some point a few going out outfits. Essentially you want to have enough clothes to last a couple of weeks so your not doing laundry every week. Try to avoid bringing too many pairs of shoes you shouldn’t need more than three or four pairs if your a girl (you can change them out as you make trips home, think versatility when making your choices of what you will bring with you).


Before you go purchasing a mini-fridge, microwave, and hot plate check to see what your dorm room allows and what is already provided. I made the mistake of purchasing a mini fridge that I never used, because both dorm rooms I stayed in had the mini fridge already in the room. Also check the dimensions allowed some dorms will only allow certain size fridges in the dorms.


2-3 microwave safe plates

2-3 microwave safe bowls

Small tubbleware set

2-3 reusable spoons, forks, and butter knives.

1 non serrated knife (try and get a ceramic as they require no sharpening maintenance)

1 small cutting board

Coffee maker

Blender/Magic Bullet/Food Processor (Choose what works best for your lifestyle/diet)

2 reusable cups

Water filter pitcher

Trash can

Trash bags


paper towels

Reusable water bottle


This is where you get to be creative and bring your own style to the room.

Comforter/sheet set

At least one or two extra sheets, (on the off chance you spill your drink, or god forbid your roommate comes in drunk and throws up on your bed you will want extra sheets to replace your soiled bedding with).

Polyester Blanket (My dad brought me one just before Christmas break and it was the best thing on the planet to wrap myself in while sitting around doing homework, also it means you have an extra blanket should your not so careful roommate spew all over your comforter.)

I also recommend ticky tack, and thumb tacks. (A lot of people like to recommend command strips and hooks, but I found that when I used these I did more damage to the walls.)

A white board or cork board to keep important flyers, notes, or notices.


cup for pens/pencils


file system

Think along the lines of this


Stapler and Staples

Tape Dispenser and Tape

Three Ring Whole Punch


Whether you share a bathroom with one other person or three other persons I highly recommend a bathroom caddy. This will allow you to keep your personal things all in one place.


2 towels


hair dryer

Toiletries (i.e shampoo, conditioner, hygiene products)

Medicine Box, because you are likely to get sick at least once during your freshman year I highly recommend making a box with all the typical over the counter medications you would typically use/need for different ailments. Headache medicine, heartburn, stomach aids, anti-congestion medication etc.

What things did you find to be essential during your dorm room stay share in the comments below.